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2017. The Year of Risk

Space enables answers to surface. If we’re a little off, then we, or let’s say I, can ignore that sense until either I come crashing down, or I almost put those emotions and feelings into a bag of protection, stuff it under the bed, until I see an horizon of space.

I’m not one for new year resolutions, in the sense of I should do this, or I need to stop that. I love setting intentions. Putting my dreams and words out there, so literally as I write them, speak them, they are already flowing into reality. 

My mum once said to me. Go sit in a dark room and tell yourself the truth. The moment I did that, it changed my life. I’d admitted that the relationship I was in, wasn’t working for me. So as much we can tell ourselves one thing, or pretend to ourselves and everyone else. Really, we aren’t. Our bodies knows. In every cell of our being. Crying to get out.

This new year I spent with my soul-sister Teresa and her beautiful family. In the picture perfect West Yorkshire town of Hebdon Bridge. Out of London, into crispy deeply nourishing air, gentle strolls into the hills, home cooked food and a gentler pace of life. 

The seed was planted. How my body felt. My mind. And I noticed how much of a routine I’d fallen into, and let’s say squeezed into. My arms, my legs, my head, all pulled and stretched into this box. And you know what? There’s little living in that box. Bite size moments of truly feeling alive. 

As the days unfolded, I met with those that light that spark in me, Rach my friend who so regularly highlights what I need to see, even if unconsciously, sends me video from the stunning landscape in New Zealand with that zest in her smile and eyes of feeling alive and kicking. It cemented what this year needed to be about. 

Quite simply. Being alive. 

I’ve learnt enough over the last few years, to know when that plays out for me. I know when alive leaps from my soul. Sometimes in the simplest meeting of minds, in laughing with friends, connecting with family, but always from a place of self nurture, and very often when I take risks and open. Open myself up. Don’t constrict myself. Control. Do quite the opposite. Flow. Say yes when you least expect it. Yes to love. Yes to connecting. Yes to accepting. Yes to opportunity. But no has to be just as prominent in your vocabulary too. No, that’s not right for me. No to judgement. No to always giving. 

One path to feeling alive means taking risks.

2017 = Feeling alive, taking risks

Now this is where the magic really unfolds.  And I’m blessed that Soulhub, our writers, funders and everyone who sits there and says ‘I get it. I love it. Can I help?’ are making that happen. This year we’re going to sprinkle this magic. 

Ask yourself when you feel alive? Write down those moments of joy. What they are. What they feel like? And how you can make more of them. As we all too well know. This time is short. One soulful being impacts hundreds more around us. Be that light. 

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