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Financial Contributors – We want to continue to grow, and create the space, connections and networks to do that. We launched the Soulhub Community in January 2019, whereby you can donate a minimum of $3 per month to be part of it.

The two top tiers get the Soulhub Journal sent twice a year. And as we grow, we’ll invite you to events, and get you involved where it works for you. You can donate here. (Patreon). We are a small team, so any contribution, small or big, means a lot to us.

Physical Contributors – We’re looking for dart throwers. Those who are prepared to share their own stories.  Regular contributors. Writers from around the world telling us what makes them soulful.

We’re after illustrators, writers, storytellers. Anyone who gets it. Believes in the concept and wants to help Soulhub grow.

Soulhub Team – Are you a coach, therapist, nutritionalist, yoga or wellness expert and want to join our team, we’d love to know more.

Community – You can join the community to share news, learn, explore, connect. We have a facebook community page. You’re welcome to join us.

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