Our Raison d’Etre

‘The place your heart knows and your soul craves’

Hollyhock, my ‘soul place’; my soul cafe.

A magical destination in South West London. Where I go when I return from a big adventure. Where I go when my heart is hurting. I breathe deeply. I eat tasty delights and hug my one shot latte mug. At my pace. Sometimes with my best friends. My loved one. Often alone.

Living near Richmond Park I get to be in nature and find my place of soulfulness. Inspired by how I feel when I connect in nature, and through Soulwalking (my walking therapy business) I’m fully aware, that we don’t have many venues which can do the same. Made from nature. In nature. Somewhere you can go that you body knows it’s the right place to be, from the moment you set sight on it.

The world needs Soulhub. The place your heart knows and your soul craves. I can feel it. I can sense it. It’s emerging.

Soulhub is not just a place. It’s is the physical manifestation, gently being  created from the community. Our movement. A swirl of those looking to understand themselves better.

Soulhub Journal 04

We started with stories.  Uncovering the essence of what makes people feel alive/soulful. Our first Soulhub Journal 01 landed on 24 July 2017, with personal stories from a wide range of talent including writers, TV presenters, therapists, coaches, rugby analysts, travellers, those who are happy to share what, who or how things makes them feel soulful.  Together with some wonderful illustrations of our 25 Soulhub Truths, the journal has now reached far and wide including the US, Canada, Lebanon, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, Brazil and Spain. To order your copy either email, or order it online.

The Soulhub Journal 05 is now on sale, sharing art, events and more collaborations. In the creation and production, we’ve met the most wonderful writers, artists and creators, and we’re proud that we can share their work and heart with the world. This Autumn, Soulhub Journal Collective will host the best 50 stories including new submissions from during the COVID era.

The Soulwalker is our digital podcasts which launch in December 2019, which brings these and stories from around the world to our hearing senses. We ask the same question. ‘What makes you feel alive/soulful?’

It’s a hub of support. The Soulhub Team of coaches, therapists, yoga and fitness instructors, dancers, nutritionalists. Those who believe in the values of Soulhub and want to make a difference.

We bought communities together in 2019 for Soulwalks, gentle strolls in parks across London and rolling out around the British Isles as Carmen, Founder, walks the coastline raising awareness (and funding) of walking for our mental health.

In 2020, as a result of COVID-19 we created the Soulhub School, workshops, events, and talks from ballroom dancing to leadership events, cacao ceremonies to meditations and storytelling from Africa. Light fun in difficult times, healing in difficult times. Delivered by the Soulhub Team and Soulhub friends.

We’re dreaming of a physical manifestation for Soulhub. It’s a natural structure in the forest or overlooking the sea. Where your mind and body can be nourished, the atmosphere is soaked up in the SoulCafe with an authentic book or laughing with friends.

The journey is just as important as the final project.  And we never know if the vision is what it’s meant to be. The journey since 2015 has been incredible. We are building a community who want to connect, and want to understand who they are in the world.

Come join us on the journey of self discovery and understanding.