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Antarctica – while you were sleeping

‘The sounds and voices of the Antartica will resonate with me forever.”

And they have. Mark Michel, our Soulhub Journal 01 contributor spend 4 years, from conception to projection of Antartica – while you were sleeping. In 2015, the team, including Creative Director Joseph Michael (photo credit) followed in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway, and headed to Drakes Passage to capture the sounds and images of this remarkable environment.

Mark Michel on location in Antartica

We’re delighted to share their work. Mark sent us the footage from behind the scenes as well as the final cinematic creation, projected onto iconic buildings around the world, starting with their home town of Auckland. Here they gave it a physical presence at the War Memorial Building, with sound signatures of the icebergs and a scale of 1:1. Check out the final projection.

Behind the Scenes with Joseph Michael

Soulhub Journal 01 available 

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