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Carmen Rendell

  • Soul Food

    Awareness – And what is

    ‘Why do you do this work? It must be exhausting. Does it really matter? What do you get from it?’ I love synchronicity. I’m currently in the depth of soaking up…

  • Soul People

    Friendship. What it means to me

    A few months back Jane Fonda surprised me, whilst sitting alongside her best girlfriends as they chuckled and shared their emotions. Why? Because few do. Few faces in the public eye are…

  • Soul Places

    Wild and Windy Patagonia

    The Banff World Tour takes adventure films to those of us who live off the adrenaline and dreams of other adventures. Some times sparking our own crazy dreams, and if not,…

  • Soul Places

    The Boss

    I attended my first Bruce Springsteen concert in May 2008 at Dublin RDS Showground. Now entering 2016, and having attended nine further Springsteen shows since, I will attempt to put into…

  • Soul Places

    Hollyhock. Ultimate Soul Place?

    At heart, I’m a traveller. I love a backpack weighing on my shoulders. It took me until my early 30’s to discover that. The unexpected liaison with a stranger, the spontaneity…

  • Soul Places

    Behind the camera lens

    I love waking to the rain…so musical, so poetic, so calming…. I’ve been thinking for a while what I would write about. Where is my soul place? And I always come…

  • Soul Places

    Take Sanctuary and Breathe for Life

    For almost two months now I have been teaching Kundalini Yoga at The Breath of Life Sanctuary at the southern tip of Sri Lanka -A centre for inner peace, healing and rejuvenation The…

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