Soul Places

Behind the camera lens

I love waking to the rain…so musical, so poetic, so calming….

I’ve been thinking for a while what I would write about. Where is my soul place? And I always come back to the same answer, Nature. In any of its forms. I find it so beautiful, so touching, so intriguing, so energising. I can appreciate it all, desert; rocky terrain; lush forests; rich earth; crashing waves upon a golden shore; pure air being inhaled deep into your lungs…so how appropriate that the day I decide to set out and try to capture in words what I feel – I wake to this glorious gift from Mother Earth. Washing away all the worries, all the troubles, all the past…allowing today to start fresh and revitalised. The sun has already burst forth smiling upon the land in the time its taken me to write this.


There’s no place like home

At the moment I’m home in Ulladulla, NSW Australia. One of the most untouched beautiful areas I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. When I think of my love of nature – it always steams from Ulladulla, of the coastline I grew up on, the bush that I would explore with my animals and siblings, the space to be alone and one with the wonderful energy that surrounds this land!


The beach is one of my favourite places in the world – in any form! (And Ulladulla has so many hidden little beaches that the tourists never find). Not just when the suns out shinning bright and you see through the crystal clear water to the depths below, but also when the rains falling down and becoming one with the ocean, adding to its wealth of life.


Water is what I’m most connected to. The power of the ocean fascinates me, how something so beautiful can be so strong, how it can be so still on the surface yet a hive of activity and vibrant life underneath. It is one of my biggest teaches for ‘never judging a book by its cover’. You never know what someone is dealing with; whats going on inside their life, behind the image you see presented to society. It teaches you to be changeable. How to learn to adapt and flow with the different currents of life and see the beauty and strength in each journey, each stage.

Our always on culture

In today’s society, with social media and the internet opening the world up so much, private lives become public where its expected to share every minute of your day and being go go go all the time. So when I’m home it allows me to reconnect with the energy and aura flowing through this world, and I find a pressing need to ‘switch off’ and just immerse myself in the richness around me.


I always take the opportunity to ground myself and recharge my batteries by taking the family dog up to the bush. It brings me so much joy seeing him excited and joyful crashing through the scrub and trees, sniffing at all the different scents, seeing only the vibrant greens and browns that create the classic Australian bush that tells me I’m home. Hearing the buzzing of cicadas, the songs of birds out to one another.

Learn to see the beauty in every situation. Mother Nature is so precious and beautiful in all her forms, because she is so powerful and changeable.  Learn to adapt and change with her.

Tia Provest: Openhearted and nature loving model. To follow her work and life you can find her at or on Instagram at tiaprovost

Soulhub Source: Tia and I met in 2011 at a yoga retreat in Trivandum, India where she shared stories of reading affirmations on her fridge as a young girl, and her dream of modelling. I’ve watched her blossom into a beautiful young woman, and seen her career flourish. Every time we see each other I’m touched by her outlook on life and her authenticity. Beautiful.

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    Chris Copeland
    January 30, 2016 at 3:44 am

    Tia Provost is an exceptional person. Her love of life and inner beauty as well as her outer beauty is something to behold. Tia is an inspiration.

    • Reply
      Carmen Rendell
      February 5, 2016 at 9:57 pm

      Thanks Chris for your comments, and we agree completely.

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