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    Soulhub Journal 03: The Back Story

    I can’t believe I already have 5 confirmed writers for 04, and 03 has just landed. These journals are just building, and I’m loving the flow of how the writers and…

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    Order Journal – Soulhub Journal 03

    Twice a year, personal stories flood into the Soulhub universe and make their way to the pages of our Soulhub Journals. Soulhub Journal 03 landed on 22 November. We’re so delighted…

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    Soulhub Journal 02

    12 stories landing on my lap for Soulhub Journal 01 felt lucky. Another 12 for 02 is beyond incredible. It’s really happening. Soulhub has been born and is deeply breathing. I…

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    Curating Soulhub Journal

    Each day I’m astounded by the magic Soulhub Journal creates in the world. Who it touches. The connections it manifests. Those I see it sitting on coffee tables in obscure places. Images which…

  • Soulhub Journal 02
    Journal Soulhub

    Soulhub Journal 02: Now Available

    Soulhub Journal 02 is here. To read the Editor’s notes about the contributors click here To order your copy please click here If you’d like a more substantial order for your yoga…