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    The Modern Day Wizard

    ‘What I want to know, is why am I not on your Soul Person on your website‘. ‘That’s because I’m not a wizard yet.’ So I guess now it’s time… 2…

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    Friendship. What it means to me

    A few months back Jane Fonda surprised me, whilst sitting alongside her best girlfriends as they chuckled and shared their emotions. Why? Because few do. Few faces in the public eye are…

  • Soul People

    David Steen: The Power of Light

    I’m curious to how and why we don’t always understand why someone touches our lives. Often, only with hindsight. I met David at a book launch for ‘Discover Your Woman Within’, by…

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    Dr Wayne W Dyer

    Maybe an obvious fit for ‘Soul People’, but aside from the Dalai Lama he’s difficult to compare to in terms of the difference he’s made to so many lives in this current era,…