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    Antarctica – while you were sleeping

    ‘The sounds and voices of the Antartica will resonate with me forever.” And they have. Mark Michel, our Soulhub Journal 01 contributor spend 4 years, from conception to projection of Antartica…

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    Shackled, Rattled & Rolled

    Offshore sailing. It’s something very special. Firstly you need to choose very carefully the team you have around you.  Inevitably life on a race yacht you are in each others personal…

  • Soul People
    Soul Places

    Murraylands revisited

    It was a week cruising on a houseboat with my extended family with a plan to not really do much at all. Was I looking forward to it? Not really. For…

  • Soul Places

    The allure of Namibia

    Namibia is literally breath-taking. It is the least populated country on earth and the only one named after a desert. It represents one of the few untamed wilderness areas on earth,…

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    Yorkshire. Loud and proud.

    Home…….is where the heart is. Really where is home? And do you always end up back where you started? It’s a question I’ve often asked myself. Is it where you put your…

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    Wild and Windy Patagonia

    The Banff World Tour takes adventure films to those of us who live off the adrenaline and dreams of other adventures. Some times sparking our own crazy dreams, and if not,…

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    The Brandberg Mountain of Namibia

    You should see the Brandberg Mountain, its rose-coloured granite glowing in first light! Have you seen it under the full moon? Don’t wait too long. It is a magnificent mountain, unspoiled,…

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    The Boss

    I attended my first Bruce Springsteen concert in May 2008 at Dublin RDS Showground. Now entering 2016, and having attended nine further Springsteen shows since, I will attempt to put into…

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    Hollyhock. Ultimate Soul Place?

    At heart, I’m a traveller. I love a backpack weighing on my shoulders. It took me until my early 30’s to discover that. The unexpected liaison with a stranger, the spontaneity…

  • Soul Places

    Behind the camera lens

    I love waking to the rain…so musical, so poetic, so calming…. I’ve been thinking for a while what I would write about. Where is my soul place? And I always come…

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