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  • Our Team

    Emma Cannon

    “Emma Cannon treats clients using a mind-body approach, making the connection between the physical body and the emotions. She does a 360 degree diagnosis looking at the body, its environment and…

  • Our Team

    Eleanor O’Rourke

    “We’re all living a reverse Jack and the Beanstalk story, in which we traded our magic beans for a cow, which we later discovered had a lot less value.” Eleanor O’Rourke…

  • Our Team

    Danielle Brooker

    “I say that I help people reclaim their lives from busy. Really it’s so much more than that. I’m teaching them how to have a relationship with themselves.” Credentialed Practitioner of…

  • Our Team

    Andrea Lucas

    LOVE     MIND     BODY Andrea Lucas is a lifestyle and wellness psychotherapist with leading edge healing bodywork techniques. She creates an ‘out of this world’ luxurious treatment personally…

  • Our Team

    Caroline Beevers

    Acupuncture and reflexology in the quiet fishing town of Staithes. After nearly 30 years of living in the South of England Caroline moved back to North Yorkshire, to the timelessness and…