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  • Soul Food Soulhub


    I have everything Love for self In the eyes of others they feel my spirit My being nourishes theirs I have everything The power to choose The wisdom to fill my…

  • Journal Soulhub

    Soulhub Journal: Order Today

    Thoughts become words. Words become actions. Actions become reality. The Soulhub Journal landed in Central London, freshly printed, on Sunday 23 July.  A collection of personal stories, illustrations and images from…

  • Soul Food Soulhub

    Life is like a jar of sweets

    On the eve of launching our first journal, I reflect on the ingredients which have led to a printed journal on display in my soul place, Hollyhock. Buying the sweets – Take…

  • Soulhub

    Ding Dong: Xmas Meditation

    As the Xmas parties fill the calendar, we hit the shops to buy our families presents and the food trolley fills with turkeys, chocolates and booze, we can be left feeling…

  • Soulhub

    Kickstarter: Soulhub Journal

    Yesterday we launched our Kickstarter campaign to take the digital world back to print. The Soulhub journal. There’s still something about flicking through pages, seeing images on matt paper, words in…