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Diego Avila

“I believe that we are social beings.”

Our personalities and all it’s traits, positive and challenging, light and shadow, are created, shaped and developed by means of the relationships we have across our lifespan. This is the reason why my philosophical approach, in my personal life as well as counselling work, is that whatever has been damaged in relationship can only be healed within relationship, and not through solitary practice.

That is the space I offer my clients within our therapeutic relationship: an opportunity to go back to basics and explore these personality traits and their origin., with the aim of reflecting on whether they still have a place in our lives, reshaping our personality in the process.

Carl Jung said it himself: unless you make the unconscious conscious, you will direct your life and you can call it fate.

Come and join me on this fabulous journey.

Contact: Diego Avila 

Location:  London

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