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Donna Edwards

“Changing your thoughts will transform your life.”

Donna is a personal development coach who specialises in working with women who want to get a grip on their mind clutter, to enable them to think and behave in alignment with how they want to live.

You may feel overwhelmed by your mind constantly working in overdrive to prioritise, remember, organise and execute everything in your work and home life. Or not making the time to do what you enjoy because you’re putting everyone else’s needs first. Or perhaps being emotionally triggered by day to day situations and people’s behaviour, is affecting your relationships.

Empowering and supporting women to make sense of the thoughts spinning around in their head, is what makes Donna’s heart sing. She guides you to step out of your default mode, which no longer serves you, to press your reset button and to find solutions and embrace new perspectives.

With over a decade of coaching experience she adopts a small steps approach, working with clients on thought management, setting boundaries and self-care.

Location: South East London, or Skype sessions

Contact: Donna at Your Future Vision 

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