Soul People

Dr Wayne W Dyer

Maybe an obvious fit for ‘Soul People’, but aside from the Dalai Lama he’s difficult to compare to in terms of the difference he’s made to so many lives in this current era, particularly in the Western world.

On 30th August, I woke to the news of Wayne’s death on his Facebook page. Aside from Princess Diana, and Osama bin Laden I don’t recall too many high profile figures who’s time of death I can recall where and how I heard. With Wayne, my initial reaction was one of disappointment. I wouldn’t get to meet him. I’d decided that I was going to ask him to be interviewed as one of my first ‘Soulhub, Soul People’. I envisaged him being touched by someone starting a new venture and how he’d understand and appreciate being the first.

So the disappointment that I hadn’t got myself into a position of having the website live, so I could showcase my intent before I wrote to him, very quickly turned to shock. Just days before I’d read on his Twitter feed about not requiring pockets in his final suit, and wondered then if he knew something we didn’t. Probably.

So on October 2nd, we were treated to a tribute for his work and those who were touched by him. And wow, how many lives he has already impacted not just in London, but around the World. No. 2 best seller on Amazon says enough. We are at a time of seeking and here’s a man who could so comfortably articulate the way he saw the world. Clearly.

For me I heard my own messages, as we all do. Even though I’ve read many of his books and immersed myself in his video content and some of the US tribute content, it didn’t matter. Hearing it again does no harm, and in fact, each time you hear something different.

HOW CAN WE SERVE? I often revert back to ‘what is my purpose’. I recognise ‘being off’. It’s one of the strongest emotions that hits my body. Knowing I’m being inauthentic or living out of alignment. And hands up, I so often answer that with what is my purpose rather than ‘ how can I serve’. Such a shift, sounds simple but profound.

So nicely linked to another memorable mantra he lived by. ‘Change the way you look at things, and the world around you changes‘. By making this shift it feels different, doesn’t it. Historically I would expect the world to deliver for me and for that to change how I thought or felt. No taking responsibility. Yet it’s the opposite that’s true. Enjoy the small things in life. This beautiful autumn day, the swim I just took in the outdoor pool, the conversation with my caring sister, the morning coffee with friends, the planned evening watching my Country play football. It’s a great day, and simply switching how you think and experience it changes how it feels too.

I also wanted to thank Dr Robert Holden and Anita Moorjani who hosted the evening and reminded me that we are all called to do something, and maybe by simply serving others is the answer. Notice when we’re ‘off’, be who we are, as there are no accidents in this organised world.

Just live the virtues and surrender to that which is bigger than you and which is bigger than everything.

So how amazing to know ‘you’re only a thought away from changing your life.

Thank you Wayne

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