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Been wanting to make a change for ages, but keep hitting a stalling point because you don’t know how, so instead you just keep going the way you’ve been going (which is on the fast-track to burn out)?

You’re probably pretty good at what you do. Your colleagues love you and you’ve been performing well consistently for years. But, that thrill you used to get from ‘doing well’ just isn’t doing it for you anymore. Instead you’re coming home each night feeling depleted, lost and frustrated.

You may have even started Googling “career change” or “how to destress” or “better time management” in your lunch break. But as soon as you’re finished eating your salad, you’re straight back to your emails.

Making a change, the kinda change that lasts and makes you feel like you’re living a truly fulfilling life doesn’t happen from doing the same thing over and over again. It comes from taking that first step into something uncertain and starting to see things from a different perspective. Right now you’re probably feeling so stuck ‘in it’ that it’s hard to imagine how things could be different.

That’s where THIS workshop comes in.

As someone who’s already burnt out, Googled “how to get motivated and get my life back”, and now gets to teach incredible high-achieving women how to have success while still putting themselves first – I’m all too familiar with that stuck feeling. During the workshop I’ll be teaching you three super simple principles that will dramatically short-circuit that busy-want-a-change-don’t-know how loop you’re in right now.

Plus, if you’ve ever wondered what on earth Life Coaching is all about, this is your chance to experience it first hand, and get all your questions answered.

In this 2-hour workshop, I’ll be guiding the group through an interactive session, giving you a framework to check in with your thoughts and how you’re feeling right now in your life. In doing so, you’ll get more clarity about what those next steps could be and how to continue to make decisions that are going to support you to feel more motivated, energised and happy with your career, relationships or life itself.

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Feb 16 2019


14:00 - 16:00


The Daisy Patch


The Daisy Patch

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