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Gratitude Letter

As we create the next phase of the Soulhub Journal, and as always I allows the world to present writers and artists to me. This time, I was at Dylan Ayaloo’s Awaken programme in November, and heard Huma share her spoken word art for what was showing up in the room that day, and with her. Moved by the sincerity and observational lens of this young woman, I was up within seconds with a SH05 in my hand, asking if she’s like to write. No thought. No question. It was obvious. And what happened next touched me. Huma was visibly emotional having been asked, and it was in that moment, that I was reminded how much the Soulhub Journal means to many, especially those who write for it. I was about to belittle the circulation figures, and I had to catch myself from not minimising something which was having such an obvious impact. And I’m glad, at that moment, I chose to be in the emotion with her, and to feel hers as well as my gratitude for what it means to her, and me.

As submissions came in, Huma shared this letter with me. Yet again, she caught me unaware, and her sentiment flooded in through her words and actions. So thank you Huma for reminding me of the joy of collating these stories, your stories. And how impactful it is for you all to share them with the world. It’s huge and I fully feel the privilege for carrying your story, and sharing it with as many as I can. For each of our stories matters. And each of our stories touches lives. Lives we may never know, and never appreciate what it may mean to them too.

Thank you – I look forward to sharing your passion and writings soon.


Dear Carmen,

Life is strange. Whilst growing up, we remain oblivious to worlds which exist beyond our own. During that time, we roam around as inhabitants of our own microcosm. For each person, there is a moment in time where such bubble breaks. When it eventually does, we are left stranded almost, in the wreckage of what we had once known. The known was a familiar friend, but as we migrate our way into the unknown it becomes the ultimate foe. The truth is, that we cannot know. Security is an illusion the world has grown to cling onto, for it gives us peace and stability – two things humans need the most. The unknown is the only certainty we know, it can be frightening to live in this. A state of limbo. However, doing so builds courage, presence and home.

Breath is another constant of life, from the moment we become human beings until we eventually go – it is always there, ebbing to and from. How easily is it overlooked? Something silent, and infinitely small. As with the breath, we overlook other finite aspects of life. In the distractions, the chaos, these gifts lose their glow. A bubble has broken now, one which has waited eons to do so. How long have we waited to pause? To exhale, let go? To bask in the unknown? Discomfort is the only way we grow. To edge outside of the rubble, and pick up the pieces once more. These pieces, are fragments of a life we have forgotten to live. Knowing our own impermanence, the fragility of the human fabric, teaches us to Be. To Be, in the here and Now. For that is all we will ever know.

The bursting of my own bubble propelled me to walk along my path, alone. However, there is one thing I have always known, that I am never truly alone. For every step forward, is a ripple in the ocean we call home. Every change made to be still, to be self-aware, beckons others to also grow. Thank you for being exactly who you are.

Thank you for trusting the unknown, and letting your true self be shown. I  acknowledge you for speaking your truth, and being your truth. These may appear to be simple, but we all know too well the strength it takes to do so. The same wind blows on us all, as we walk through the desert searching for a place we can call our own. Until then, as the moon waxes and the sun rises, so will we.



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