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Happiness is finding what works best for you. If you’re all over the place day to day you tend to forget what gets you in the zone. What makes you happy. As a high school student, my life now is consumed by homework, studying and assignments and I find a routine for myself to make the unhappy things small and to make the happy things more apparent. In the mornings, I like to get up early and bring all my schoolwork to my local café before school and relax with a coffee, and do all my work, ensuring my morning is stress free and puts me in a good mood for my day ahead. In my spare time I enjoy photography as an opportunity to capture interesting pictures of nature, animals or anything that catches my eye, take that image and further turn it into something more using photoshop. Like this flower… I placed a flower pot plant infront of a purple wall and took a couple photos and with photoshop chose pink to really show a different perspective in nature and touched up the picture.


Happiness that comes from photography comes from the pride in your art and teaching you to see things from a new perspective such as this flower. Try to imagine a nice, quiet Saturday afternoon with just you, your camera and nature, where your thoughts go free with one goal is to take some awesome photos which you could print out and frame them at home, use them as wallpapers for your computer and every time you see the amazing photo you created you can get that sense of pride and happiness, viewing the work of art you made.

Sometimes if I have a free day, I’d head into the city of Melbourne and go to all sorts of famous places that I can capture some photos of my city. By setting this goal for me to create some interesting photos I’m also immersing myself in the environment around me. I begin to notice the little things like the sound of trams rushing by, the sound of music played by people on Bourke St, and it creates this zone for me which I’m happy and relaxed and not a worry on my mind.


It could be a cup of coffee in the morning, going for a relaxing walk in the afternoon, bringing the camera along with you. It’s that zone when you’re immersed in the one thing. The one passion you have or the one topic you want to focus on. Once you’re in the zone, not a worry on your mind you appreciate things a lot more and this makes you feel good. It makes you feel happy and you’ll begin to notice things that make you feel good if you focus on the little things.

Author: Jamie Law. Resides in Melbourne, Australia, a talented Aussie rules footy player, photographer and coffee lover. Son of Soulhubber fans Lou and Karyn.

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