Soulhub Journal Collective

88 writers, poets, storytellers, mothers, fathers, travellers, wizards, artists have chosen to share their most personal stories with Soulhub, for our Soulhub Journal Collective.

The depth of emotions explored, the corners of the globe, the questioning about what is happening are fully explored in these pages.

Google’s Creative Director, former Chief of Staff to Oprah, Ex-Editor for BBC’s Match of the Day, International athletes, Sky News presenters, Best Selling authors as well as, not to mention, Soulhubbers (interesting people we’ve met along the way from all over the world) have all contributed their unique stories.

In a time when our world is changing at such a speed, it’s so vitally important to be encouraging us all to take whatever opportunities arise to be kind to each other in turn. The stories inspire and impact us in different ways. Nicky Anderson who rode from Patagonia to Vancouver, in-between jobs. Lizzi Luminati cared for her dying mother, giving her time to be with her and heal the grief. Chris, an alcoholic, shares his connection with music and friends which have given him a reason to live. Carolyn recalls how the simple things during this pandemic need to remind us how we connect with each other.

Soulhub is a wonderful place to share and examine new ideas without judging or being judged. As a British man of a certain age, embarking on enforced life and career changes, it was lovely to be able to open up and write freely. Who knows, perhaps even helping someone else in some small way in the process? I’ve since taken that to a whole other level with a published 500 page lockdown journal, in which I surprised myself with the personal and societal issues I was prepared to try to explore and address!

Paul Armstrong, Ex-Editor of BBC’s Match of the Day

To bring one of these stories to life, listen to Mark Michel, a producer, sailor and musician beautifully shares his venture into Antartica to film the icebergs, and produce Antartica – While you were sleeping 


Here’s just some of the writers and their stories:

Libby Moore – Former Chief of Staff to Oprah Winfrey – Her relationship to God. Dinner party disclosures.

Andrew Cuerden – Former BBC Strictly Come Dancing professional. The intricacies of dance.

Philip McDougall – Creative Director of Google – The journey of cancer. From Big C to Little C.

Jason Mohammad – Radio & TV Presenter – How travel opened up his mind. Be more Raj.

Susie Chan – Endurance Runner – Company for the soul.

Emma Crosby – Sky News Presenter – The pleasures of life in Cape Town.

Sean Holley – Broadcaster and Rugby Union Coach – Transitioning life after coaching Bristol RFC.

Jenny Tough – Adventurer, Writer, Filmmaker – Undertaking Kyrgystan by foot.

Mungo – TV Presenter & Filmmaker – Have you ever seen a dead body?

Ben Ryan – Olympic Rugby Coach – Coaching the Fiji Seven’s to Olympic Gold Medal.

Beth Kempton – Best Selling Author of Wabi Sabi – Embracing your imperfectly perfect life.

Malcolm Stern – Psychotherapist & Founder of Alternatives – How to be with the grief following the loss of his daughter.

Mac Macartney – TED speaker and Founder of Embercombe – Dusk.

Profiles for the latest writers, can be found here

The Soulhub Journal Collective is currently in design. In addition to the stories, it features artwork from talented illustrators, painters, graphic designers to depict the Soulhub Truths, as well 5 pieces of art which were commissioned for the front covers of the first 5 Soulhub Journals.

We are currently looking for a supporting publisher to help bring the Soulhub Journal Collective to market this Autumn/Winter in time for Christmas. If you can help at all, please contact