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Lynn Rae

Facial pilates and jaw therapy

Lynn is a remedial face and jaw therapist, who’s gentle yet powerful method of highly specialised facial therapy includes intra-oral massage, works to alleviate face, neck and jaw tension and pain associated with clenching, grinding and jaw dysfunction (TMJD). She also specialises in post cancer massage and movement therapy.

Jaw clenching and tooth grinding problems, and the associated migraines, poor posture and jaw ache, are more prevalent than ever, particularly among women, and can often be bought on by stress or trauma.

Lynn’s holistic approach is coupled with an in-depth anatomical knowledge from 20+ years practice working with face and body. Her own personal experience, working with life-changing events, brings further empathy and energy to her work.

“My work is about passion and purpose and a genuine desire to give rather than receive’. Lynn’s work is a combination of hands-on therapy and group workshops and retreats.

Location: London

Contact: Lynn Rae


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