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  • Kalindi Jordan
    Our Team

    Kalindi Jordan

    Kalindi Jordan an intimacy and sexual healing coach with a deep passion for women and couples to experience, explore their pleasure in a conscious, present and embodied way. She has spent the…

  • Shamanic Kundalini Retreat
    Soul Food

    Returning home

    When we’re in our head, in the words of Sadhguru, we limit our knowledge. When we let go of what we know, we experience bliss. You can’t think yourself there. You…

  • Journal

    Soulhub Journal 04 Pre-Order

    ‘Magic happens in-between’. And he, David Hieatt, was right in so many ways. It wasn’t what I expected from The DO Lectures in 2018. In fact, I had no idea what…

  • Our Team

    Isabelle Jan

    International wellness and self care specialist, Isabelle works as a teacher, trainer, coach and mentor. She supports people through health tools, mindfulness practices, integrative nutrition, ayurvedic practices, intuitive massages, embodied experiences…

  • Soulhub

    The vision

    No 12. Alan Moore. Do Design. Try making an appointment with serendipity.  [Inspiration for today] The vision for Soulhub sits quietly in the background, rearing it’s head every so often, just…

  • Our Team

    Donna Edwards

    “Changing your thoughts will transform your life.” Donna is a personal development coach who specialises in working with women who want to get a grip on their mind clutter, to enable…

  • Soulhub

    Coaching Offer With Rach

    Stats tell us that 80% of new years resolutions are forgotten by the end of January.  It’s now The autumn! So it’s your opportunity to do it differently for 2020 –…

  • Soulhub

    bhuti book club

    On Monday 4 March, Founder Carmen Rendell, will be hosting the bhuti book club. She’ll be talking about how to move from the belief of wanting to help others understand themselves…

  • Our Team

    Carey Davis-Munro

    Carey has 25 years experience in the field of health, fitness and wellbeing, both as a Physical Education teacher, a Learning and Development expert and serial entrepreneur. Her wide ranging experience…

  • Soul Places

    Antarctica – while you were sleeping

    ‘The sounds and voices of the Antartica will resonate with me forever.” And they have. Mark Michel, our Soulhub Journal 01 contributor spend 4 years, from conception to projection of Antartica…