Soul Food

Paying Attention

You come over here and you mess with my head

(I’m thinking)

So many things that you don’t leave unsaid

So many poems that are as yet un-read

Plenty to do, before I am dead.


We take a walk and you smile with the sky

So much to learn before I die

So much to write before goodbye

An abundance of time, and so much to try.


You ask and you laugh and you write it all down

An elephant passes, and as you have shown

An elephant passes, and with it you’ve grown

Too much of so much, and with it I drown.


You furrow your brow when a thing is unclear

Maybe, perhaps, just can’t say from here

Maybe, perhaps, but the answer is near

Could be, don’t know, but it’s no cause to fear.


We share a firm grip on the things that should count

Yet drowning, I find out what life is about

Yet drowning, I see there are things to surmount

But struggling, I’m part of life’s total amount.


We talk of our lives and it’s good to recall

It’s all about watching the evening light fall

It’s all about noticing things which are small

The details, my friend, always hold you in thrall.


You come over here, and you mess with my head

You leave me with plans and ideas instead

You leave me with poems that are as yet unsaid

(I’m thinking)

Now I’m paying attention, and will till I’m dead.


For Westsky Dan

Beautifully crafted by Tour Leader and Safari Guide Lloyd Camp.

To book a personalised trip with Lloyd visit Lloyd Camp Consulting Africa

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