Leading communities to reconsider walking for the nations health

Mind & Body

Carmen will undertake walking the coastal paths of the British Isles in January 2020, to

– raise awareness of walking in nature for the mind, body and spirit

– bring together communities through walking

– normalise therapy

She will leave from her childhood home Weston super Mare, and head east around the Isles. Along the way, she will invite individuals, schools, businesses to join her for Soulwalks. To be hosted in coastal towns and villages, these will open to anyone.

We’ll be raising money for mental health. Firstly for ASCA (Addiction Support and Care Agency) where Carmen worked for 3 years and feels passionate about addiction in our society and working with this group. For grow, a local wellbeing charity in Sussex who encourage community groups to explore nature.

She will ask friends of Soulhub to join her, whilst she shares their stories with the nation via The Soulwalker podcast. Stories to unveil how we are all feeling in thee times of uncertainty. The state of our nation. How does this vary from West Whittering, to the Shetland Islands, to St David’s. From fishermen and pub landlords to business owners, grandmothers to school leavers. What’s really going on.


We held our first Soulwalk on 20 October in Richmond Park. Think parkrun for walkers. 6 other walks took place across London, in major parks, and Bristol. Check out Soulwalk page.

We soon learnt that we all crave connection. That a simple initiative can bring joy to many. To meet new people. It gives an excuse to bring friends and creates time to talk to them. It allows you to slow down. It allows you to be quiet. It’s simple. It’s understated.

So we invite you to join us for one of our Soulwalks around the UK. Or to start your own. Make that change in your community. Be part of our Soulhub community.

Love to get involved?

We’re just pulling together the itinerary, stages and partnership opportunities. In particular these are some of the ways:


  • Come join us for a SoulWalk – Likely to be on a Sunday morning at 9.30am for 3kms across the country. Bring your friends, school, families, businesses.  Further details on our London Soulwalks launch events and planned Soulwalks are over here. 
  • Organise your own Soulwalk (email for a starter pack.
  • Pledge to support what we’re doing via the ‘soulwalker pledge’ – this goes towards ‘walk and talk therapy sessions with Carmen as she walks around the British Isles, for the soulwalks so we can keep them free for all.
  • For each pledge we send you a hat knitted by Irene (Carmens mum!) and we have over 50 so far….
  • Listen to the Soulwalker Podcast
  • Tell us where you’d like us to visit? Do you have something interesting to see or do? A festival. A new school sports facility. New coffee shop!
  • Help out with a place to stay? Carmen is a sucker for views and quaint dwellings 
  • Share news and follow us #soulwalk @soul_hub @soul_walk



  • Partnership to ‘offset’ the Soulwalks and ‘walk and talk’ sessions en-route. Imagine funding local community wellbeing around Britain!
  • Partner the Soulwalks
  • Media (Local radio, TV, Press, Digital) partnership to raise awareness of mental health
  • Ask me to come and talk to you, your school, business, village
  • Provide the best outdoor kit money could buy! It’s going to be cold…(I LOVE a fun woolly hat!)

Soulwalker Sessions (Around the UK)

And if you want to receive some talking therapy or want to pledge a therapy ‘soulwalker’ session for someone you know or even a stranger, you can do that. How amazing is that. Gift someone their first ‘walk and talk’ or a phone call with Carmen. Who knows where that might lead them. Often it’s the first conversation which leads to an understanding that more support should be sought.

You can pledge via the Soulwalker Pledge page, you can book yourself on each day. All conversations are confidential with Carmen, a trained therapist.

For now please email as we continue to evolve.