We love stories. The art of talking. The ability to communicate who we are through voice, vibration, words, and energy.

SoulCast launches in late October/early Nov. It leads us into our Sole2Soul journey around the British Isles in January.

We will be talking to Soulhubbers. Those who’ve written for the Soulhub Journals. 01 was created in June 2015, and as can imagine, life has changed for many. We will catch up with former chief of staff for Oprah Libby Moore,  adventurer Jenny Tough, BBC rugby commentator Sean Holley, adventurer Tasha Hacker and others.

We will talk to our Soulhub team of wellness experts, as they share what’s going on for them, and for their clients in these interesting times.

And finally, when we hit the shores, we will be finding friends, local businesses, grandmothers, artists, fishermen, musicians, sportsmen, school leavers. Whoever we find interesting along the way.

SoulCast is about you. About your stories. About what we’re all feeling at the moment on these British Isles. How is the political climate affecting us? Does it impact you in your town/village? Your family. What about the environmental catastrophe we’re facing. How is that impacting you in these coastal towns, villages and cities? Is there high anxiety? Are we a depressed nation? How do we celebrate life?

Life. Let’s discover it. Let’s find out what it means to you. SoulCast.

Contact Carmen if you’re interested in talking to us, or indeed partnering with us on a series?