Soulhub School

Soulhub School
We could all benefit from a little bit of fun, entertainment, as well as some nurturing or self exploration. Meditations, dancing, jaw therapy, coaching or simply stories around the camp fire.

We’ll have a different timetable each week delivered by the Soulhub Team, so watch out for new things emerging.

Support Soulhub School with a donation

If you would like to support Soulhub School and the artists, feel free to make a class donation, as most are giving their time for free, or at a reduced rate.

State who the teacher was so we can credit them. Soulhub has no other form of income, and so any support is appreciated.

80% goes to the artist and 20% to Soulhub. Or you can donate directly to them too of course.

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Soulhub School for Business

We’ve launched a new business programme to support businesses of any size. Either creating your wellness strategy and delivering a deep programme of activity to support your employees, or simply adding flavour to an existing programme.

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