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Is your business looking for support around mental and physical wellbeing? Does it need some soul food?

Why us?

We’re able to provide workshops, one-on-one, retreats, courses, content to support your business soul goals. Through our Soulhub School we have access to the expert teachers who have programmes for the short, medium or long term to really get to the heart of what you’re looking to achieve. Ultimately a healthy, happy workforce creating the best outcomes they can.

Here’s a topline summary of the workshops run by the Soulhub Team. In addition, we can source musicians, writers and artists who’ve written for the Soulhub Journal or friends of Soulhub to create bespoke workshops:

Soulhub SchoolSoulhub Team Workshops & Events

Kenny Mammarella D’Cruz 

  • Authentic Communication 
    • How to summon the present and connected adult in you and keep your fearful surviving child safe
    • How to speak so others listen and how to listen so others speak

Delilah Sullivan

  • Personal Energy Management – For well-being and/or team projects 
    • Understanding, managing and transforming our energy and interactions – with ourselves, colleagues and others
  • Trees for Beauty Walks 
    • In nature, or in the City, walks cultivating an inner presence, grounded alignment, and connection with beauty and the energies and creativity of the natural world. Option to create or contribute towards a tree grove.
  • Energy Tune Up
    • Guided mindfulness meditations and guided self-reflection – focusing on releasing, upgrading, aligning and integrating mental, emotional, physical and energetic well-being.

Andrew Cuerden

  • Self Development through Dance
    • Using the techniques on the dance floor, to explore emotionally, physically and spiritually what’s really going on. How we can improve our self confidence, self esteem, recognise our habits and patterns that hold us back through the power of dance.
  • Movie Night Dance Along
    • Learn fun latin and ballroom dances using known songs from iconic movies, such as Dirty Dancing, Grease, Mamma Mia and The Greatest Showman.

Carmen Rendell

  • Corner stones of the spiritual world 
    • The 13 teachings of psychologist and philosopher, Joan Copper (1955). Teach-ins, with practical exercise to help us navigate life. Essential truths about the nature of man, his life on each, the invisible world, and how they can help us in our work and personal lives.
  • Walking into a new you
    • The emotional and physical benefits of short and long walks. Ideas for what to do when walking, how walking therapy works, and what might show up on your walks. Practical tips for tuning in and ways walking can help improve your life. Either a practical ‘Soulwalk’ or workshop.
  • Walking the Talk
    • What’s the key to living the life we want to live. What do you want your gravestone to say? What does it mean to ask for what you want. To create something meaningful. To be true to your word. What’s in the way. What’s stopping you. And are you fed up saying ‘One day’.

Rach Allan

  • Boundaries
    • Taking control, confidence at work and home
  • Listening
    • How to listen & why it’s important in times of uncertainty
  • Joy
    • How to have more of it in 5 simple steps
  • What is meditation 
    • Why do we do it and how do we do it
  • What now, and finding your purpose 
  • Navigating uncertainty 
    • How to feel calm in the chaos
  • Connecting to your inner rhythms
    • The relationship between a woman’s monthly cycle and anxiety
  • Connecting to Earth wisdom to soothe anxiety 

Carey Davis-Munro 

  • 12 Step Programme – Your relationship with food
  • Masterclasses – How to improve your relationship with food, gut health, inflammation and inflammatory lifestyles

Pete Warnock

  • Breathwork & Meditation
  • Vocal Harmony Harmonic Temple 
  • Sacred Intimacy
    • Delivered with Kalindi Jordan, in person or online, this workshop looks at sacred touch for individuals and couples

Eleanor O’Rourke

  • Creativity for the Win Win (Increased productivity and greater wellbeing) 
    • Working in a flow state allows us to create more, using less energy. Giving you an experience of a different way of working, you will work on a problem – either specific to work or more generic, like Stress/Email overwhelm/Uncertainty in the job market, and work through how to access flow states to change the state of the problem.
  • Increase your creativity for genius level problem solving skills
    • All about play to encourage collaboration, less anxiety. Looking at how you can free yourself up to solve problems and liberate ideas.
  • Future proofing your business for the 21st Century
    • With AI advancing, technological changes, creativity is one of the most important skills to master. Tapping into the underlying story of the business, you’ll look at pattern recognition, stories and archetypes which have contributed to the business ecosystem, to give clarity of focus, greater meaning and purpose both individually and as a collective.

Nancy Joyce Hunter

  • Wildfully Joyful You
    • Using imagination, The Laws of Assumption, Projection, Attraction and Identical Harvest you’ll look to explore how our individual vibration/energy and focus consciously manifests your desires into reality. You’ll create dream and desires into reality.
  • The Fellowship of the Trees
    • Working with the organisation The Fellowship of the Trees, you can host events/workshops to connect you back to the trees to experience nature of tees and your own nature. Love, peace, harmony, creativity, joy, ease, trust and grace.

Andrea Lucas

  • Valuing yourself 
    • One to one therapy or bodywork massage leaving you feeling in touch with your mind, body and soul

Existing Clients

The Soulhub Team are constantly delivering their workshops and 1-2-1 programmes. During May/June 2020 Soulhub School for Business delivered the following workshops and events on zoom and webinars to global audiences:

Charlotte Tilbury:

  • Boundaries, building confidence and taking ownership with Carmen Rendell/ Rach Allan
    • Exploration of boundaries, good and poor, and the importance of them in our businesses and personal lives.
  • Law of Attraction with Nancy Joyce Hunter
    • Webinar to bring the Universal Laws to your consciousness. From the Law of Vibration, to the Law of Attraction. How do we change our vibration and creation in the world.
  • Building Confidence through Dance with Andrew Cuerden
    • How dance can be a lens for us to look at our own relationship with confidence, body image and self-expression. Using tools and techniques to understand self, and build confidence of who we are.
  • Brand YOU with Colin Priestley-Wall
    • Tools and techniques to support you through understanding who you are as a brand. What’s your drivers, who do you want to influence and how does your image impact others.


  • Learn to Salsa Dance with Andrew Cuerden
    • A introduction to salsa dancing, teaching you the basic steps and a routine to music for you to practice.
  • Movie Nights with Andrew Cuerden
    • Learn latin and ballroom moves to famous movie soundtracks such as Dirty Dancing, Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Moulin Rouge.
  • Brand YOU with Colin Priestley-Wall


  • Walking for YOU with Carmen Rendell
    • The physical and emotional benefits of walking (esp during lockdown) and how we can use walking in nature to reconnect us to ourselves and those around us. The power of being out in nature, and how Carmen uses walking therapy for her personally and with clients.


“Carmen delivered a brilliant lunch and learn session to the Manifesto team as part of our wellbeing programme. We are trying to encourage our teams to take time for themselves and get regular screen breaks, particularly since lock and this session was a moment to reflect on the myriad benefits to the mind and body by just getting up from our desks and going for a simple walk. Carmen has a lovely style which people warm to instantly and her passion for people and walking shines brightly.”  Rebecca Hull, COO, Manifesto (July 2020)