Soulwalker Pledge


Carmen’s work on Soulwalk is dedicated to normalising therapy, mental health and using walking for our physical and mental wellness. She aims to educate, inspire and support along the road.

The Soulwalker Pledge will enable her to do this work, including

  • 1-2-1 ‘walk and talk’ sessions (therapy)
  • Soulwalks – community walks in nature
  • Soultalks – talks about the benefits of walking in nature

£10 of every £100 pledged will go to the Soulhub Charity Pot which includes Carmen’s chosen mental and physical health charities, including ASCA and Grow. Find out more here 

Soulwalker Pledge [PLEDGE HERE]

I’m a trained integrative therapist (read more here). My love is to walk and talk. But I also do phone/skype sessions. I’m offering sessions to be gifted whilst I walk around the British Isles.

Donate anything from £20 to £500, and you can support someone along the way. Pay for someone who might appreciate some walking and talking. Someone to listen to them. To share. To work through whatever their current issues or concerns. I’m more than happy to work with:

  • Lack of direction, difficulty choosing what’s next in life
  • Anxiety and uncertainty
  • Depression and lack lustre
  • Struggling to find happiness
  • Lack of confidence and low self esteem
  • Grief or loss
  • Relationship issues

This is how it works?

  1. Decide how much you would like to pledge;£20, £50, £100 or £500 contribution. For every £100 pledged, £10 goes to the Soulhub Charity Pot for mental health
  2. Make your pledge here 
  3. Soulwalks will be organised around the UK throughout 2020 – If you want the soulwalk for yourself email to arrange
  4. Otherwise each month, Soulwalks, Soultalks and 1-2-1 sessions will be taking place – See Instagram

Why this could be important to you

  • You’ve benefited from counselling / therapy and wish to give others the chance to reap the same benefits you had
  • Someone close to you who you hoped would look for some external support, but for one reason or another hasn’t be able to
  • You have someone in mind you’d like to gift a therapy session for

Thank you for making your pledge. For supporting those who might not take that step to ask for help. Or for yourself, taking that step for you.


Those who have pledged to date are these amazing people: A massive heart felt thank you. You’re all incredible.

Total to date for Soulhub Charity Pot £120 (28 Jan 2020)

David Visoky – American cycling fan, where we hung out together at the World Road Cycling Championships 2019

Heather Welsh – Friends who worked together at Barclays Bank from 2005-2012

Fiona Jones – Parkrun Richmond friends and fellow ‘breakfast’ club gang

Elsa Buck – Met through Hubdot events and love tea and energy work!

Karine Stephan – Joined Melinda and I on our Soulwalk Richmond Park

Caroline Foreman – Worked with me in Barclays when we worked hard, and played hard

Carly Stanger – Met on a PADI course in Australia. Travelled throughout South America together, Iceland and more to come.

Annie Shepherd – Introduced by our friend Claire, and loved chatting all things in Richmond

Stuart Beaver – Boss and friend from banking days and looking forward to a Scotland walk!

EA and John Montgomery – Beautiful soulful couple I met at the World Road Cycling Championships.

Sam Auzou – Worked together at an FX company and he’s been most gratefully a supporter of all things Soulhub since. Thank you.

Jose Alvarez McGough – My Argentinean coffee drinking spiritual friend. On receiving a hand knitted scarf from Irene, he made a donation.