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  • Soul Food

    Paying Attention

    You come over here and you mess with my head (I’m thinking) So many things that you don’t leave unsaid So many poems that are as yet un-read Plenty to do,…

  • Soul Places

    The allure of Namibia

    Namibia is literally breath-taking. It is the least populated country on earth and the only one named after a desert. It represents one of the few untamed wilderness areas on earth,…

  • Soul Places

    Wild and Windy Patagonia

    The Banff World Tour takes adventure films to those of us who live off the adrenaline and dreams of other adventures. Some times sparking our own crazy dreams, and if not,…

  • Soul Places

    The Brandberg Mountain of Namibia

    You should see the Brandberg Mountain, its rose-coloured granite glowing in first light! Have you seen it under the full moon? Don’t wait too long. It is a magnificent mountain, unspoiled,…

  • Soul Places

    Himalayas and the Magic of Nepal

    ‘In all your travels, where would you return to?’ without consideration, my response time and time again is ‘Magical Nepal’. Some places you visit. Some you stack up a list of…