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    Murraylands revisited

    It was a week cruising on a houseboat with my extended family with a plan to not really do much at all. Was I looking forward to it? Not really. For…

  • Soul Places

    Himalayas and the Magic of Nepal

    ‘In all your travels, where would you return to?’ without consideration, my response time and time again is ‘Magical Nepal’. Some places you visit. Some you stack up a list of…

  • Soul People

    Dr Wayne W Dyer

    Maybe an obvious fit for ‘Soul People’, but aside from the Dalai Lama he’s difficult to compare to in terms of the difference he’s made to so many lives in this current era,…

  • Soul Places

    The Camino de Santiago

    Buen Camino. The greeting made my heart skip, said to me for the first time outside Pamplona by an old man on his early jog passed me. I smiled from the…