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  • Our Team

    Diego Avila

    “I believe that we are social beings.” Our personalities and all it’s traits, positive and challenging, light and shadow, are created, shaped and developed by means of the relationships we have…

  • Our Team

    Eleanor O’Rourke

    “We’re all living a reverse Jack and the Beanstalk story, in which we traded our magic beans for a cow, which we later discovered had a lot less value.” Eleanor O’Rourke…

  • Our Team

    Andrea Lucas

    LOVE     MIND     BODY Andrea Lucas is a lifestyle and wellness psychotherapist with leading edge healing bodywork techniques. She creates an ‘out of this world’ luxurious treatment personally…

  • Soul Reviews

    The Rose 

    Simply put. I didn’t want to leave. And I certainly didn’t want to get on a train and navigate my way home. Andrea asked,   Why have you chosen to come to…

  • Soul Reviews

    The not so, dark healer

    Holistic therapist. Dark healer. Call him what you like. But whichever descriptor, one things for sure, Ben works magic. It’s not dark. But it is mystical. He has an incredible way…