Andrew Cuerden

Andrew Cuerden

Dancing through Life

Gift: Andrew is a skilled movement and emotion therapist. By integrating dance with a variety of other physical and metaphysical disciplines, Andrew assists individuals to find their own unique state of physical and emotional grounding, balance and effortless rhythm.

Biography: He spent his life learning to Latin and Ballroom dance from the community halls of South Africa, before coming to the UK when he was 20 years old. He was one of the professional dancers on ‘Strictly’ in 2005 and has since spent his life dedicated to teaching others his love of dance.

His work is about facilitating nourishing social interactions and a sense of community through music and dance. He specialises in expertly crafting social dance experiences that not only entertain and educate but inspire holistic wellbeing through meaningful connections.

Whether you’re looking for an online fun ‘Cha Cha Cha’ class, or you want to learn how to express yourself fully, Andrew uses dance as a mechanism to tap into the body and our emotional states. To unclear the blockages, work through presenting emotions, and build confidence in all areas of your life.

So to book a group class, corporate team building, one-on-one lessons then Andrew uses his 30 years of dance experience to reach you at the level you’re at, and create the best environment for you to thrive in. His nature is soft, approachable, kind and soulful. He leads with strength and passion, and will take you on a dream journey through dance.

Why we love Andrew: For his undeniable raw talent and passion for dance. His cheeky smile. His ability to translate movement and emotions, and use his intuition to work through what’s really going on for you, using dance, movement and language. His gentleness, humour, and presence.

Location: West London & Online

Services: Individual and group dance experiences, yoga, and intuitive coaching

Soulhub Services: Ballroom in a Box

How To Book: Visit Dance Savoir Faire or email