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The allure of Namibia

Namibia is literally breath-taking. It is the least populated country on earth and the only one named after a desert. It represents one of the few untamed wilderness areas on earth, and it is vast. Here, the hand of man is undetectable.


It is a place where nature has adapted to the harsh environmental conditions, and has sent forth iconic wildlife, plants and scenery that can be found nowhere else on earth. In other words, it is the perfect place for a Journey of a Lifetime.

Nothing can prepare you for Namibia: no photographs, no stories can quite capture the allure and mystery of the desert landscape. But the most surprising thing of all is…there is abundant life here! Even humans have evolved to live in this place of dry water. Find the iconic features of this magnificent land, the land where you feel connected to the earth and where your spirit is washed clean every day. Namibia is essential. Namibia is emotional. Namibia is a sensory experience. Namibia is a place of privacy and reflection. Namibia is not to be missed.


Here, there are special things: the desert-adapted creatures that you can find nowhere else- lions walking on sand dunes, giraffes patrolling the ephemeral river systems, the highly endangered black rhino in it’s last rocky stronghold, elephants digging for water in secret places known only to their kind, mountain zebras clattering across the gravel plains, and cheetahs surveying the short grasslands foe their favourite prey, the nimble springbok. And at night the animals of the dark appear, such as the brown desert hyeanas.

And then you have the famous Skeleton Coast, a forbidding desert expanse swept clean by the Atlantic winds and fog that bring life to the interior. Here are sea-lions, and the bones of great whales… and ships of the early explorers who foundered on these beaches. It is a coastline that fills your mind with colour and wonderment.

Namibia is unlike any other place… and that is exactly why we go there.

Beautifully captured by Tour Leader and Safari Guide Lloyd Camp.

To book a personalised trip with Lloyd visit Lloyd Camp Consulting Africa

Photography by Caroline Culbert with featured image by Dana Allen.
Courtesy of Wilderness Safaris.

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