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The Camino – with a romantic twist

The Camino

Life is like the Camino de Santiago, said the wise traveller.

There are those you meet at St. Jean who you choose to start the journey with;

You may remain with them for moments or days as you walk the high paths and rest at the albergues.

As you walk, you pass others and momentarily decide if they are to enrich your experience or not. Some will give you gifts of knowledge. Some teach or remind you of life’s treasures.

Life is that journey. At her deepest level Joel, Aimee has chosen to take this path with you. Aimee, Joel has wholeheartedly picked you.

At times you will walk together. At times one will be quicker than the other. At times you’ll just need to rest.

But through it all, you won’t be too far from each other. Deep down knowing.  Knowing he is there to catch you when you fall. Knowing she will be waiting with the smile and gentle touch you love.

This marriage is your Camino. Hold hands as often as you can. Kiss each other when you leave and greet. Spend time alone. Time with others. And always time with just the two of you. Always tell your truth. Listen actively. Be compassionate. And whatever you do, remember you chose to walk together. Nourish yourself and each other. And you will find your lives exhilarated with peace, faith and love.

It’s the Camino. A journey. One blessed. And with your soulmate; lighter, deeper, shared, full of the joy and love you both deserve.

I feel truly blessed that we are all here to share this moment with you both and to witness your commitment to each other today and forever.


Soulhub Source:   Written for Joel and Aimee Garner’s Wedding on 24 October 2015. They tied the knot with a moving  ceremony at the unique Godwick Hall in one of the oldest barn’s in Norfolk. As dear friends I was incredibly touched to be asked to read on their special day. I wanted to write something personal that touched them both. Inspired by my recent pilgrimage across Spain, where I met Pete, the wise traveller and we spoke for days about philosophy and humanism.  The Camino was crafted. Later finessed by Joel (he was a journalist!).

To read in such an intimate fabulous setting in the Great Barn, was one of the most moving experiences of my life. To see them both at one, at ease, sincere in their commitment and love for each other. I was truly blessed.

Photography of their special moment by another gorgeous friend Jeremy Peters

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