Transitioning – Xmas Offer

Are you at a point in your life where you’ve moving through something, maybe a little bit painfully. Maybe you’re just unsure about the future.

You could be going through the breakdown of a relationship. A marriage. A friendship. You could be changing jobs, or thinking about changing jobs. Been made redundant.

Whatever the reason, transition is hard. It’s unsettling, and unless you’re amazing at ‘letting go’, then you are more then likely to struggle with the uncertainty.

Between 1 Dec and 31 January, over 3 sessions (60-90 mins) with Carmen, you will look at:

  • What are the emotions
  • Understanding what’s been created in your life and why
  • Why you’re feeling the way you feel
  • Look at ways to move forward or to shift the energy to something more manageable for you

We can either walk in a local park, or sessions can be over skype. Whatever works best for you.

Either email Carmen at to ask questions, or arrange a quick call.

Or book directly here. 

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