Soulhub School

Our workshops, programmes and retreats are designed to work at the core of who we are. To see us as human beings. How we interact with others, we respond to others, why we react, and how to show up authentically. We understand ourselves as physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual beings, and to be our best versions of ourselves, we need to understand who we really are.

We appreciate that this sounds scary. We also appreciate that we are stressed, overworked, exhausted, depressed, numbing ourselves. It’s time to get under the skin. Not just give tools to help us feel less stressed and depleted, but to know self, and to change behaviours.

Our programmes are designed to support you. They’re fun. Challenging. Unique. They’re run by our coaches, practioners and therapists. Experts trained to understand other humans.

You can pick and mix. Makes sessions longer or shorter. Do one or ten sessions. Have one or a variety of facilitators. It’s up to you.

Below outlines examples of our favourite workshops, but we create bespoke programmes based on what’s going on within your business:

1 – Be Open

We often close ourselves down. We contract. Get angry. Passive aggressive. Stressed. We can react to the smallest things. We say stuff we don’t mean to say to those we care about. We make others feel small. So, who are we really. What’s our authentic self?

Here we will look at:

  • Impact of being closed
  • Negative and positive energies
  • How to open up
  • How to get into the flow
  • Finding our real story
  • The power of giving

2 – Our Energies

A close look at our feminine and masculine energies. Men and women have both within us, but they show up differently. From nobility, creativity, dependence and independence. We are all of it. But we have dialled up some more than others, and it impacts those around us in a much bigger way than we can anticipate.

Here we will look at:

  • What are feminine and masculine energies
  • Which ones dominate your every day being
  • How do they impact others and play out in groups
  • What can we do to change
  • Frictional v creative energies

3 – Language

We say no, when we mean yes. We say too much. We don’t say enough. We say words to people, we later have to apologise for. We carry things in our bodies, because we don’t know how to express it. It comes out as disease, stress, collapse.

Here we look at:

  • The importance of language
  • The impact it has on our own being
  • What can we put in place to change
  • Owning it
  • Sacred holy vocabulary

4 – Trust

We all know that when we distrust someone else, we end of taking on their work. We over compensate. We do too much ourselves. We expect them to do it wrong.

Here we look at:

  • What is trust
  • Trust in ourselves
  • The impact of distrusting
  • Being comfortable in your discomfort

5 – Just say no

Boundaries are one of the most important aspects of our relationships with self and other. How often do we say yes, when we mean no. Do we take on work, when we don’t have the time or space. Do we agree to do something for someone else, when we know we don’t even want to.

Here we will look at:

  • Where our boundaries are non-existent – How often we break our boundaries
  • Why we’re afraid of saying no
  • What no means to us
  • How to put boundaries in place
  • Awareness of our attachment style

Alternative Workshops

6 – The Heart

Impact of positive thoughts, exercise, and stress on your heart.

7 – You are what you eat

The impact of what, and how much, how little we eat.

8 – Being Fertile (women only)

What does it mean to live a fertile life. Putting things in place to seed, nurture and grow. How do we create the right environment for us to thrive.

In additional to talking/movement workshops, we also offer body work with massage, yoga and pilates.

Meditation is interspersed in the main workshops.

Our Team

Led by Carmen Rendell, Soulhub Founder and Integrative Therapist, we have a growing base of experts, hand-picked to fit with the values and ethos of Soulhub. Nutrionists, masseurs, psychotherapists, leadership coaches, yoga instructors, acupuncturists.

Our coaches and therapists also offer 1-2-1, with walking therapy, skype or face to face.