Enneagram Weekend

INTENSIVE ENNEAGRAM EXPLORATION WEEKEND – An intensive foundation building introductory course.

Dates: 20-22 May

Location: Near Aljezur, SW Algarve, Portugal

Designed to give you a thorough dive into using the enneagram as a tool for deeper self-reflexion this weekend course will be for a small, personal group.

You will explore the three centers of intelligence, our physical, emotional and mental body, as well as the subtypes and movements.

To see that an apple tree is different from a pine tree you don’t need to belief anything. And we don’t expect apples from a pine tree.

This is what I love about the ENNEAGRAM: it offers us insights that unveil our surface impressions.

In becoming more deeply aware of the loops in my day-to-day life I can catch that moment where I have a choice: do I want to continue like this? Or am I longing to rest deeper in myself? Silent, joyful, present? Connected to a natural flow.

In opening up my understanding for my own automatic behaviours and thus grasp the dynamics in-between me and my partner, my children (= another) in a new way, compassion and acceptance naturally grow. This way I can meet myself on a more essential level. Only then can I meet others in an essential way.

This course is suitable for beginners and more advanced voyagers.

There will be a teaching part in each session, movement to integrate on a deeper level, Q&A and self-inquiry.

Contribution: €120 to €160 (sliding scale)


If you have any questions, then please contact Maya directly:



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