Fiona Jones

All of life’s challenges (and achievements) have shaped Fiona into the person she is today. She focuses on what she has rather than what she doesn’t have. Three grown up kids, working full time for a hotel management company, balanced with travel, keeping fit, love of the outdoors and forever trying to take the perfect camera shot.

How we crossed path?

I’m not as regular as Fiona, but I often frequent Richmond Park Run, and if we’re not chatting whilst running, we are catching up over coffee. There’s a whole gang ‘TheRealParkRunners’, a social group who meet most Saturdays. Fiona is the life and soul, baking lemon drizzle cakes, chocolate cakes, and hosting year round parties. She kindly offered to help Soulhub School launch it’s live cooking sessions, and is an incredible and supportive woman.

What’s Fiona’s offering to the Soulhub Journal Collective?

Fiona had a few stories to share, but chose a serious accident in her 20’s which very much shaped the years following. How a gap year doesn’t always turn out the way you expect it to.

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