Graham Wilson

Who are you?

Graham served with the North Yorkshire Police Service for 30 years. On retirement, he promised himself a challenge. And a challenge he set. To run 120 marathons in 120 days.

How we crossed path?

Whilst working at the Cycling World Championships in Harrogate, 2019, I was working from Hoxton North, and met some colleagues of Graham’s, who, after talking about my adventures said ‘You have to meet Graham.’ In that instance he rang Graham, and within minutes we’d agreed to meet after the madness of the championships, back in Hoxton North for coffee, of course. With many similarities through sporting stories and hours later, we agreed to meet again, but this time on the road somewhere. Where Graham would be running, and I’d be Soulwalking. COVID happened, and so instead I thought we needed to tell his story.

What is your Soulhub Journal Collective offering?

The backstory to the challenge. What, how and why.

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120 Marathon Man

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