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Weekly sessions aren’t always the quickest and deepest way to resolution. Sometimes they are necessary for us to slowly integrate what we’re learning about ourselves, inside and outside therapy, to become embodied and understood. My therapeutic workshops provide something unique and essential for deeper growth.

I’ve created new experiences to suit individuals, group and businesses to facilitate greater self understanding. This can be in the form of a walking weekend, one day workshops and retreats or sacred sanctuaries. Some are run by myself, and others with trusted souls. We cover a variety of topics, with those below proving most popular:

  • Grief and Loss
  • Connecting with self and others
  • Letting go and surrendering
  • Team cohesion
  • Leading teams and businesses with soul

2 Day Deep Dive 

Drop fully into your process. We may take an hour out of our day, but our body doesn’t really relax. We don’t switch off our heads from the day to day normal existence.

Imagine being fully able to be present. To go deeper than you’ve ever done before. This option could be for those of you who:

  • Feel fully burnt out
  • Work ridiculously long hours/years and need a break
  • Have a difficult illness (e.g. Cancer, life-threatening) and want to find peace in the challenge
  • Recent break up from a relationship
  • Grief
  • Exhaustion, depression, anxiety
  • Simply want time to reflect on life, and ask yourself some big questions

I will:

  • Coordinate 2 days with you (ideally 2 nights away)
  • Agree the best location (normally in the SW along the coast, or Norfolk)
  • Give you details of accommodation options depending on budget/time of year
  • Provide a safe space and work with you – To unlock pain, resolve issues, move through a transition (marriage breakdown, loss of a child, death of a friend/family).

If you’re interested, please get in touch for costing and further details.

Leadership/team offsite exploration

Is your team struggling to function, come together, split by management decisions, by a merger, personalities are not all collaborating and working together for the best outcome. Or are you just keen to strengthen the team performance and bond at a new level?

As part of the Soulhub team I offer a 1 or 2 day offsite exploration. We take you to the coast, to walk and unravel the issues. A mixture of techniques are used, which essentially bring you back to being human. This could be meditation, games, walking itself, team exercises, psychotherapy skill techniques which help uncover what’s really going on. There’s no hiding here.

We organise everything from your accommodation, travel plans, and the offsite programme itself.

Walk In, Dance Out 

In addition, Andrew Cuernden and I have a Walk In, Dance Out workshop/retreat which takes you through a programme to help you understand yourself better through mind and movement embodiment. It’s a beautiful way to connect with yourself and others, and find out more than you’d expected about yourself.

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