Carolyn McCourt

Carolyn has lived close to nature in a cottage by the sea for 30 years.

How we crossed paths?

In 2019, a young, but old Creative Director of mine Aaron Fletcher met me for coffee, following his shoot on the south coast. Within moments he referenced Carolyn. ‘You have to meet her’. He shared a radio interview with her, and having only listened to the first 5 minutes, I was certain I wanted to go and meet her. So I rang her, and she openly invited me to join her for lunch. It was her words, “Living by the sea with a view of an unbroken horizon is a wonderful thing”. They felt like the words I want to say, that will lead me to my seaview home. On meeting we sat for hours. We connected. And she invited me back the following weekend to the Lapwing Festival. An incredible music festival raising funds for the sea defences which protect the old Coastguard cottages at Cuckmere Haven. Find details about the festival

Carolyn’s Soulhub Journal Collective offering?

‘Following In The Footsteps Of Fear’ takes us on the polarity of life, particularly at the beginning of lockdown. She explores what this means for her ‘Give yourself up to the process, fill your lungs and root yourself in the new revolution.’

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