Delilah Sullivan

Hold it lightly

Gift: Spiritual teacher, land and energy healer.

Biography: When we need grounding, calming and connection to our inner truth is when Delilah’s work is most powerful. As a Spiritual Teacher, she brings a sense of possibility and understanding, helping us relate to ourselves and others with a new ease and increased clarity.

Energy is the language she translates, shares and teaches – assisting clients on their spiritual and energetic awakenings, guiding them to greater personal freedom and self-knowledge.

As a Land and Energy Healer, Delilah is passionate about connecting us to the bigger picture, to a soul-led and deeply pleasurable life, no matter our circumstances. “When we understand the world we live in, we come to know our place.” Delilah helps people find and re-position their centre of gravity, releasing what’s no longer needed in favour of inner passions, gifts and love.

Why we love Delilah: When you walk with Delilah, you always have a sense that she knows more than you know about what’s going on for you. That she’s been informed, can feel it, or simply, just knows. Her energy is vast, and she connects the dots. We love to walk together amongst the trees. Both having an appreciation for nature, the coast and forests. She laughs from the belly, and she’s not afraid to avoid any emotion. She has courage, depth and a kindness in how she holds and shares information.

Services: 1-2-1 in person or group workshops, talks and land healing/alignment consultations.

Soulhub Services: As above, and Soulhub School events, Soulwalks

Location:  Delilah lives in London/Dorset & Online

How to Book: Delilah Sullivan

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