Hannah Allan

A Feng Shui Consultant and land healer, passionate about helping people connect with their own home and ensure it is aligned for their highest good to support what they are looking to achieve in life. She lives in Liverpool with her partner, Matt.

How we crossed paths?

Hannah is sister to one of our best friends, and Soulhub Team member Rach Allan. Of course, she’s much more than a sister, and we’ve spent time together at family events, as well as had a holiday together in Bali. We originally went to deliver a retreat, and we ended up having our own retreat. Walking mediations, temple rituals, dinners in the jungle, Balinese healers. Having given her view on my own home, bedroom, and a need to shift things around (!), I had a strong sense that it was her time to write.

Hannah’s Soulhub Journal Collective offering?

Hannah has written about her passion of building homes, why and where it’s come from.

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Hannah Allan Feng Shui

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