Lizzi Luminati

Lizzi combines a highly developed intuition with a deep wisdom and profound understanding of the human psyche and spirit. She has over 35 years of clinical experience, exploring the most significant challenges of the human condition, with laser-like focus, a lightness of touch and heart felt compassion.

She has been described by colleagues as ‘A therapist’s therapist – a paragon in healing and transformational psychotherapy.’

How our paths crossed?

I spent 2 years training with Andrew Wallas at the School for Wizards. Lizzi was one of my teachers. Not just a psychotherapist, Lizzi’s talents and intuition are exemplary and she oozes an understanding of life. I was drawn to her teachings, her methodology, the space she holds for deep therapeutic work, and her positive energy for change. Not knowing when our paths would cross again, it was Andrew’s book launch ‘Intention’ that I asked her to write.

Lizzi’s offering to Soulhub Journal Collective?

The naked experience of living. It’s delicate whispers of the infinite known. This thirst for unveiled truth nudged her to experience the essence of a soulful life.

Personally, I love these nudges or in some cases, monumental wake up calls.

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