Mac Macartney

Mac Macartney is an author, an activist, and an international speaker. He is the founder of Embercombe, a centre seeking to explore and promote the profound regeneration of land, society, and people. Over a period of twenty years Mac was mentored by a group of indigenous elders. He endeavors to bring two worlds together – an ancient world-view emphasising relationship and reverence for life and the clever yet conflicted world we currently inhabit.

Mac’s new book: The Children’s Fire, heart song of a people. Available from all normal outlets.

For further Info: or or watch his on YouTube

How our paths crossed? 

I watched the documentary on which Mac featured, and as I listened, I was drawn to Mac. Some similarities, but mostly the wisdom and gentle inner peace he portrayed. I reached out, and following a phone conversation I was soon in a car to the edge of Dartmoor in February 2020. We sat in his infamous cabin, with the robins, and talked about life. It was obvious that there would be more cross over between us, starting with an article for the Journal.

What is Mac’s Soulhub Journal Collective offering?

Mac writes about ‘Dusk’, from the early days of lockdown on 9 April, how we’re in this position, how we’re coping and his deep embrace of this earth.

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