Maxwell Ayamba

Maxwell Ayamba is a PhD research student at the Department of American & Canadian Studies, University of Nottingham. He is an environmental journalist who worked previously as an Associate Lecturer/Research Associate at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU). He set up the Sheffield Environmental Movement (SEM) in 2016 to promote access and participation in the natural environment for people from Black & Ethnic Minority Communities. He also co-founded the 100 Black Men Walk for Health Group, which inspired production of the national ‘Black Men Walking.’

How did we cross paths?

My dad was reading the volunteering magazine for canal volunteers, in which Maxwell had written. He told me about him, and I simply reached out to Maxwell. Following a short conversation, in which he asked me if I wanted him to write about Black Men Walking, I said the brief was actually ‘What makes you feel soulful/alive?’. After seeing the Soulhub Journal 05, Maxwell agreed to write for us.

What is his Soulhub Journal Collective offering?

Maxwell writes about cultural transformation and nature.

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