Philip McDougall

Philip started scribbling and doodling as a youngster in New Zealand. He counts himself so super lucky to have been able to keep playing pretty much all his ‘working life’, as part of international brand agencies building campaigns for the likes of Sony, adidas, BMW and L’Oreal. Right now, he’s on the creative team at Google in San Francisco.

How our paths crossed?

Listening to Mark Shaylor’s All Day Commune, I heard Philip talk about his journey. More than the words, it was how he delivered them. With heart. With compassion. With curiosity to feeling what might unfold. It was in the giving, not the receiving. It’s wonderful to see a change in pace in someone. Albeit, a difficult cancer illness was the reason for this, but when I hear the gifts that come as a result, and a realisation of how things can be different.

What is Philip’s Soulhub Journal Collective offering?

Philip has written about his journey through cancer, and the true connection with his doodling and those he’s met along the way, and shared them with.

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