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    Transitioning – Xmas Offer

    Are you at a point in your life where you’ve moving through something, maybe a little bit painfully. Maybe you’re just unsure about the future. You could be going through the…

  • Journal

    Soulhub Journal 05

    Check out our new Soulhub Journal 05 front cover, created by artist Katie Sollohub. Available from 18 November. Ready to pre-order NOW. Visit ‘Order Journal’.…

  • Our Team

    Dylan Ayaloo

    Transformation leader, International yoga teacher & yoga teacher trainer Dylan found yoga in his quest for balance from the daily grind of a fast-paced corporate career.  When he realized that yoga…

  • Our Team

    Pete Warnock

    Breathworker. Transformation coach & tantric bodyworker  Since living with chronic pain after childhood injuries and a nervous breakdown when he was 23, Pete discovered transcendental meditation and started having ‘awakenings’.  Everything…

  • Soul Food

    Why opt for walking therapy?

    Why opt for walking therapy? When clients arrive, they often don’t know what they want. They do know they feel out-of-sorts. Maybe high anxiety, fear of under performing or imposter syndrome…

  • Our Team

    Lynn Rae

    Lynn is a remedial face and jaw therapist, who’s gentle yet powerful method of highly specialised facial therapy includes intra-oral massage, works to alleviate face, neck and jaw tension and pain…

  • Soulhub


    Carmen quite enjoys talking! In fact she loves it. That’s why she’s a therapist. And why she’s working with people. She’s been delighted to be part other’s media content. Including some…

  • Journal

    Soulhub Journal 04: The Back Story

    It’s summer solstice, and the perfect time to share the Soulhub Journal 04 back story. I contemplated being in Richmond Park with some strangers to celebrate. Or to be on my…