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    Soulhub School for Business

    Is your business looking for support around mental and physical wellbeing? Does it need some soul food? We’re able to provide workshops, one-on-one, retreats, courses, content to support your business soul…

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    Soulful Extract Coffee

    You’ll know that coffee and Soulhub seem to go hand in hand. Many a moment have been enjoyed over coffee. We also have plans one day, to have our physical Soulhub,…

  • Soulhub

    Walking: One of our one a day

    Lockdown. For many it’s been the worst experience of their lives. For others, the best. For many reasons, including a different perspective of values, ways of living, and in particular how…

  • Soul Food

    Poetry from the Land

    14 April – Moon Beyond Horizon When sky is clear, and sun a memory of the day, moon without presence, hidden beyond horizon, I can look to the sky as it darkens,…

  • Journal

    Gratitude Letter

    As we create the next phase of the Soulhub Journal, and as always I allows the world to present writers and artists to me. This time, I was at Dylan Ayaloo’s…

  • Soulwalk

    Soulwalking with Pete Warnock

    Pete is the creator of Synergy Bodywork, Scared Bodywork and Naturally Ecstatic Breathwork. Following an accident as a young boy, and subsequent discovery at 23 years old of transcendental meditation leading…

  • Our Team

    Support during uncertain times

    The Soulhub Team have collectively come together to offer, above and beyond their usual work, some FREE (or reduced fee) sessions over the next few months. Right now, we have no…

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    Your Soulhub Isolation Recommends

    We asked our social community for their top favourite books, podcasts, online classes and online theatre to delve into during quiet times. Here’s some of them. Thanks for sharing. We’ll be…