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    Soulwalking with Sean Holley

    To kick start my British Isles Soulwalk, I walked and talked with TV and media professional Sean Holley (2.5 years since he wrote for Soulhub Journal 01) in Green Park, away…

  • Soulhub


    Carmen quite enjoys talking! In fact she loves it. That’s why she’s a therapist. And why she’s working with people. She’s been delighted to be part other’s media content. Including some…

  • Soulhub

    Soulwalk – Press Release

    Press release: 11 December 2019 Local communities to join Carmen Rendell as she walks the coast of the British Isles to raise profile for walking in nature  On January 1, 2020,…

  • Journal Soulhub

    Soulhub Journal 05: The Backstory

    ‘You do know that 5, is transformation. Of course I’ll write.’ Andrew And we wonder. What will Soulhub Journal 05 transform. Will it be the butterfly to bring these stories to…

  • Soulhub

    Transitioning – Xmas Offer

    Are you at a point in your life where you’ve moving through something, maybe a little bit painfully. Maybe you’re just unsure about the future. You could be going through the…

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    Soulhub Journal 05

    Check out our new Soulhub Journal 05 front cover, created by artist Katie Sollohub. Available from 18 November. Ready to pre-order NOW. Visit ‘Order Journal’.…

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    Dylan Ayaloo

    Transformation leader, International yoga teacher & yoga teacher trainer Dylan found yoga in his quest for balance from the daily grind of a fast-paced corporate career.  When he realized that yoga…

  • Our Team

    Pete Warnock

    Breathworker. Transformation coach & tantric bodyworker  Since living with chronic pain after childhood injuries and a nervous breakdown when he was 23, Pete discovered transcendental meditation and started having ‘awakenings’.  Everything…

  • Soul Food

    Why opt for walking therapy?

    Why opt for walking therapy? When clients arrive, they often don’t know what they want. They do know they feel out-of-sorts. Maybe high anxiety, fear of under performing or imposter syndrome…