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Integrate Your Corporate Wellbeing with Soulhub

Ever felt the need for a dedicated in-house wellbeing team that is able to integrate and manage all aspects of your wellbeing strategy?

Or maybe you’re just searching for fresh, innovative approaches to keep your employees engaged and motivated?

Introducing Soulhub’s Wellbeing Consultancy.

Let us be your strategic partners in fostering a vibrant culture of wellbeing within your organization. Whether it’s a complete cultural overhaul or complimentary services; we seamlessly integrate with your operations, offering a comprehensive suite of services from qualified personal therapists, physicians and coaches, to group meditations, Soulwalks, dancing and beyond.

 We co-create with you.

Think of us as expert architects in wellbeing; you lay the foundation, and together, we craft an environment that is continually nourished, fostering a sanctuary of support and inspiration for all your team members.

Key takeaways:

  • Tailored activities ranging from personal therapy, coaching, meditations, to nutritional workshops and leadership away days.
  • Bespoke solutions designed for businesses of all sizes, from startups of 20 to global enterprises.
  • Deeply personal, adaptable solutions to ensure both your business and its members flourish.

If this resonates, let’s connect. Our commitment? Genuine, transformative change. All we ask is a shared vision: prioritizing genuine care over ticking boxes.

Are you ready to redefine corporate wellbeing? Let’s make a difference together.

Those who’ve trusted us, so far:

Bringing the spirit of our work to life:

Soulwalks are at the core of our offers to teams, leaders and communities. They’re a powerful mechanism to host a variety of elements which support and integrate healthy teams and lives. We use them to create more connected human conversations, to unearth and work through real issues, to ground and nourish the mind and body, and to manage and move through big conversations and transitions. Teams from Whatsapp, ebay and HSBC have used Soulwalks for key moments and as part of their wellbeing and leadership programmes.

Our 2023 collaboration with The Big Retreat Festival showcases the variety and depth of our Soulhub Team. We can curate experiences from team building, leadership away days, fun gatherings and/or deep connected moments using singing, dancing, food, breathwork and wellbeing themes.

Our ‘How to be a (better) human‘ talks and workshops are used for international teams and businesses for psycho-education. We focus on what it means to be human and how the themes of authenticity, trust, integrity, collaboration and self-understanding help us firstly be aware of who we are, and how we choose to be in teams and as leaders or followers.

Why us?

  1. We understand that your business is unique to you, and where you are on your Wellbeing journey will be different for everyone. We approach each business as we would an individual coming in for therapy support.
  2. We have a number of different entry points into how we work with you.
  3. We have a broad and deep team of Wellbeing Specialists who work with individuals and businesses to get the right results for you.

Our approach?

Whether you’re simply concerned about employees connecting with each other, or whether there’s fundamental cultural change required within the organisation, we can help.

Our approach is to firstly understand your and the organisation. Sometimes businesses have a brief, and others don’t know where to start.

ENGAGE – Get to know you, your team, or the influencers for wellness change.

SCAN – We’re able to scan the organisation, speaking to individuals, observing behaviour, come in to the business and get a temperature check of what we believe is really going on. At this stage, you may already know, and have a clear request of us.

FOCUS – We prioritise the wellbeing requirements with consideration for costs, timings, immediacy of issues, leadership needs and impact on the business and individuals.

ACT – Once agreed, we put the plan into action with agreed KPI’s.

A flavour of our offerings:

We have a wide range of options to support your programme, and are always open to creating new ideas and solutions. From talks, hosting Soulwalks, very personal 1-2-1 clinics and therapy, right through to experiential days.

We have worked with UK and EMEA brands, from local business Mindful Memorials through to HSBC UK and ebay. Each brief is unique as we look to help solve business, cultural and employee challenges.


A team building afternoon to provide support to current changes within the 15 person international team. We used the Soulwalk methodology to explore underlying concerns, and provide self-created solutions.

Whatsapp Feedback


Mental & Physical Health Content – Creation of video content to support EMEA colleagues. Short video’s around topical themes such as managing anxiety, changing our experience through our body language and how to monitor our minds.

Creation and delivery of talks and workshops on ‘How to be a (better) human‘ for EMEA colleagues during their Learning Week. Content focusing on Kindness, Integrity, Connection and Alignment, integrated into the business values.


Soulwalking – We designed and created a 30 Day Soulwalking Challenge for HSBC’s UK Employee Wellbeing app – Get Active Hub. Each day employees were encouraged to take part in a Soulwalk, with an intention. From taking a photo of their favourite walk, to asking a friend to join them, or looking at their emotional reactions.


As their wellbeing partner, we are creating Be Well Wednesday’s for local workers within the Business Improvement District (BID) offering activities every week as we build up further knowledge and insight into what’s needed and desired. Ranging from Run Well, yoga, dance, Be Well Walks, talks and workshops using local practitioners and providers.


Since 2022 we have supported UK ebay colleagues, working with the internal WeMind team to initially support their Mental Health Wellbeing Days, but moving to a more internal resource for them. Currently we provide weekly support through meditations, Soulwalks and Clinical Nutritional 1-2-1’s for employees.


Expert Talk to Global brand team by Carmen Rendell focusing on trust and integrity.


A sequence of webinars for Mental Health Week to support employees across the UK. Content designed and delivered by Soulhub Team including, Boundaries – Building Confidence and Taking Ownership, Law of Attraction, Building Confidence through Dance and Brand YOU.


During lockdown WeWork were looking to support colleagues to keep their spirits lifted and their bodies moving. We delivered weekly dance events and workshops on how to be the best version of you. Learn to Salsa Dance with Andrew Cuerden – An introduction to salsa dancing, teaching you the basic steps and a routine to music for you to practice. Movie Nights with Andrew Cuerden – Learn latin and ballroom moves to famous movie soundtracks such as Dirty Dancing, Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Moulin Rouge. Brand YOU with Colin Priestley-Wall


Walking for YOU with Carmen Rendell – The physical and emotional benefits of walking (esp during lockdown) and how we can use walking in nature to reconnect us to ourselves and those around us. The power of being out in nature, and how Carmen uses walking therapy for her personally and with clients.


Movement to Dance with Andrew Cuerden / Talking Space with Carmen Rendell & Andrew Cuerden – Outdoor class at the Charity Wellbeing Family Day to experience movement with music and talk in a trusted space.


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