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Is your business looking for support around mental and physical wellbeing? Maybe it’s time to get behind the mask and understand what’s not working, or what needs changing to support your Executives, your colleagues, your employees?

Why us?

We have a number of different entry points into Soulhub Wellbeing for Business.

We’re able to provide workshops, one-on-one, retreats, courses, content to support your business soul goals. Through our Fresh Thinking Wellbeing Experiences and Online Courses we have access to the expert teachers who have programmes for the short, medium or long term to really get to the heart of what you’re looking to achieve. Ultimately a healthy, happy workforce creating the best commercial outcomes possible, with only a positive impact on the culture.

Our Offerings 

When it comes to wellness, there is no one way. Therefore, for most businesses, the thought of starting your wellbeing support for employees is daunting. Let us help take the stress out of finding wellbeing solutions.

In our continued pursuit to inspire greater understanding of complimentary wellbeing activities and practices throughout our community. We’ve partnered up with mCreat to provide tailored wellbeing solutions for your businesses, organisations, councils, schools and universities which offers a range of wellbeing activities to support teams and individuals.

Using traditional and non-traditional therapeutic methods, including breath, song, dance, meditation, yoga and forest bathing we create bespoke events and experiences to suit and empower your organisation towards better and more sustainable wellness.

Fresh Thinking Wellbeing Events‘ can be half day to multi-day, for 20 to 10,000 people and can be as light & fun or as deep & transformative as you choose.

Together with Catherine Corby and Alison Medwell our Soulhub team of integrative wellbeing specialists offer an incredible wealth of knowledge, experience and professionalism in event creation and delivery.

Click mCreat & Soulhub Wellbeing Events to receive download our prospective proposal. To talk to Carmen or Andrew click here to arrange a time to have an open conversation about any requirements you may have.

Our Online Courses

We have 6 live bespoke programmes created and delivered by the Soulhub Team.

Topics range from finding inner peace, improving creativity, essential breath toolkits, the Universal Laws and improving our relationship with food.

Our Clients

The Soulhub Team individually deliver their own workshops and 1-2-1 programmes. During 2020/1 Soulhub for Business delivered the following workshops and events on zoom and webinars to global audiences. Here’s a flavour of some of the topics covered:


  • Soulwalking with Soulhub
    • We created a 30 Day Soulwalking Challenge for HSBC’s UK Employee Wellbeing app – Get Active Hub. Each day employees were encouraged to take part in a Soulwalk, with an intention. From taking a photo of their favourite walk, to asking a friend to join them, or looking at their emotional reactions.

HSBC Soulwalking Challenge

Charlotte Tilbury:

  • Boundaries, building confidence and taking ownership with Carmen Rendell/ Rach Allan
    • Exploration of boundaries, good and poor, and the importance of them in our businesses and personal lives.
  • Law of Attraction with Nancy Joyce Hunter
    • Webinar to bring the Universal Laws to your consciousness. From the Law of Vibration, to the Law of Attraction. How do we change our vibration and creation in the world.
  • Building Confidence through Dance with Andrew Cuerden
    • How dance can be a lens for us to look at our own relationship with confidence, body image and self-expression. Using tools and techniques to understand self, and build confidence of who we are.
  • Brand YOU with Colin Priestley-Wall
    • Tools and techniques to support you through understanding who you are as a brand. What’s your drivers, who do you want to influence and how does your image impact others.


  • Learn to Salsa Dance with Andrew Cuerden
    • A introduction to salsa dancing, teaching you the basic steps and a routine to music for you to practice.
  • Movie Nights with Andrew Cuerden
    • Learn latin and ballroom moves to famous movie soundtracks such as Dirty Dancing, Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Moulin Rouge.
  • Brand YOU with Colin Priestley-Wall


  • Walking for YOU with Carmen Rendell
    • The physical and emotional benefits of walking (esp during lockdown) and how we can use walking in nature to reconnect us to ourselves and those around us. The power of being out in nature, and how Carmen uses walking therapy for her personally and with clients.

Talking about Loss:

  • Movement to Dance with Andrew Cuerden / Talking Space with Carmen Rendell & Andrew Cuerden
    • Classes for those attending the Charity Wellbeing Family Day, could drop in to, to experience movement with music and talk in a trusted space.


"Carmen delivered a brilliant lunch and learn session to the Manifesto team as part of our wellbeing programme. We are trying to encourage our teams to take time for themselves and get regular screen breaks, particularly since lock and this session was a moment to reflect on the myriad benefits to the mind and body by just getting up from our desks and going for a simple walk. Carmen has a lovely style which people warm to instantly and her passion for people and walking shines brightly."
Rebecca Hull
COO, Manifesto - July 2020
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