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In every walk with nature one receives far more than one seeks.‘ – Conservationist and environmentalist John Muir.


‘An alternative way of team bonding leadership development through open minded, hearted-centred walks in nature to ground, connect & balance mind, body & soul’

Join businesses such as WhatsApp, ebay, HSBC, St Mary’s University and Extract Coffee Roasters who have all used Soulwalks for employee engagement, wellbeing and team building.

What are Soulwalks? (For a fuller understanding head here)

Soulwalks are open minded, hearted-centred walks in nature, designed and structured to facilitates a more therapeutic and restorative experience whilst walking. In the process creating healthier and happier people and planet.

Soulwalking super-charges the naturally holistic benefits of walking by integrating simple embodied therapeutic practices such as mindfulness, breathwork, eco-therapy and honest non-violent expression. All done with intention, awareness, appreciation and compassion, that gently yet profoundly guide one into a higher quality of thought, word and action with oneself, others and nature.

Each Soulwalk has a set structure, but also allows for the uniqueness of individual and collective intentions.

Soulwalks for business are primary lead by Soulwalk founders, Walking Therapist Carmen Rendell and Therapeutic Dance & Life Coach Andrew Cuerden.  Both Andrew & Carmen are deeply skilled and experienced group facilitators who are able to create and hold dynamic spaces, and teams with sensitivity and strength that allow for safe, and transformative experiences.

When necessary they are able to draw additional or specific support from other trained facilitators via the Soulwalk Leaders Programme and Soulhub’s Team of wellbeing practitioners. A community of people passionate about helping others find more presence, peace, connection, confidence, inspiration, purpose and power.

Why are Soulwalks so needed now?

Society today is overwhelmed and addicted with information as media channels fight for our most valuable asset; our CONSCIOUS ATTENTION where fear and control is always on the menu. In addition, our sense of safety, discernment, confidence and trust is being eroded by the increase in fake / artificial media. Making it ever harder to know in what or who to trust and thereby creating either an apathetic or divisive and fear based society.

So it is no wonder that there is massive rise in mental health issues including ADHD symptoms and diagnosis. Resulting in higher sick leave and reduced creativity and productivity. 

General Benefits of Soulwalking

  • Reduction in stress/anxiety through regulation & balancing of Nervous System
  • Improved clarity, quality and co-ordination of thoughts, words and action
  • Deeper self understanding through psycho-bio-education
  • Greater sense of trust & belonging.

Soulwalk – For Teams Outcomes:

  • Bonding of new or hybrid teams
  • Better understand and compassionate relating within a team and individually, through deeper listening and psycho-bio-education. (incl. nuero-diversity)
  • Opportunities for fun and creativity
  • Deeper clarity and buy-in of personal and team drivers and goals
  • Collaborative solutions to team challenges
  • Improved creativity and divergent thinking
  • Deeper awareness and appreciation as to the importance of protecting our inner and outer natural worlds.

Soulwalk – For Leaders Outcomes:

As above for teams plus:

  • Balancing the masculine & feminine leadership styles
  • Developing non-violent communication skills.
  • Infinite / Finite Game thinking 
  • Avoiding burn-out


Within an hour of London you and your team can be gently walking amidst the serene semi-wilderness of Richmond park.  


Contact us for a price, as final costs are dependent on location, number of participants, duration and theme of Soulwalk.

Soulwalk Combinations & Options:

Choose an event duration.

  1. 3hr Experience – choose from morning 9-12noon or afternoon 1-4pm
  2. Full Day – 6hr experience including 2 hour lunch break. 
  3. 2-3 Day – Residential (max 30 people)

Choose the regularity.

  1. One-off Soulwalk – Normally used as a team away day or to support a team, group with a specific goal.
  2. Monthly/Quarterly Soulwalks – Designed to keep consistency, often with a themes (managing stress, finding flow etc) and can be tied into other existing wellbeing initiatives. We can provide different or the same Soulwalk Leaders for each walk that bring different expertise (e.g. Focus on women and menopause).
  3. Weekly Soulwalks –  A bite size regular offer that believes in the power of practicing consistency.  Often used to encourage a return to the office, team morale, or integrated into an already established wellbeing program. We supply a Soulwalk leader to come to your neighbourhood to lead locally.

Businesses and communities who’ve trusted us to date:


We have hosted Soulwalks for International businesses such as WhatsApp, and for National businesses such as ebay through to Local businesses and organisations such as Extract Coffee Roasters and St Mary’s University.

St Mary’s University, Senior Physiotherapy Lecturer – Rachel Chan

WhatsApp Research Team Leader – Saswati Mitra

Gemma Screen, Marketing Manager, Extract Coffee Roasters

‘An hours Soulwalk with Carmen, was simply the most wonderful experience. We combined our Soulwalk with the launch of a new coffee which was raising money for community projects. We were able to gentle and organically tell our story and the stories of our charity partners. The perfect opportunity to take a moment to connect with others, to be present and insert some much needed fresh air into our day. Thank you Carmen!’

Curious? What’s the next step?

Book a 45 min discovery call with Carmen & Andrew here


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