Andrew Cuerden: Soulhub Co-Creator

Andrew Cuerden

Holistic Wellbeing through Metaphysical Dance

Gift: Andrew is a skilled and intuitive Metaphysical Dance & Life Coach. By integrating dance with a variety of other physical and metaphysical disciplines, Andrew assists individuals to find their own unique state of physical and emotional grounding, balance and empowered expression.

Biography: Andrew has devoted over 30,000 hours of his life to learning, competing, performing, judging and coaching Ballroom and Latin dance. His dance career took him all over the world as well as on to ‘BBC Strictly Come Dancing ‘ in 2005. However after suffering from burn out, depression and a variety of chronic illnesses between 2011-2016 brought on by life traumas, he realised he needed to recalibrate and re-align his life. This was the beginning of his healing journey which lead him to explore a wide selection of physical and metaphysical healing modalities including western medicine, eastern medicine, functional medicine, plant medicine and embodied practices such as Yoga, Pilates, Alexandra Technique and of course dance therapy.

His work now is dedicated to incorporating, developing and sharing all his life experience to inspire and encourage; greater awareness, presence and compassionate connection for individuals, couples and businesses, supporting authentic and balanced self-expression, healing and empowerment through the appreciation of what he is calling Metaphysical Dance. This is done through intuitively creating and holding space for meaningful and nourishing connections either on a 1-2-1 basis or in group interactions.

He offers a both great depth and breadth of wisdom and skill, whether you are looking to dance just for fun or you are looking to find deeper self-realisation, connection and empowered expression. Andrew gently and compassionately helps people discover and transform themselves through embodied awareness of unconscious mental and emotional blocks that limit their fullest expression. Which then results in healthier and happier relationship with themselves and others.

Let Andrew lead you through the dance of your soul with his open and kind heart, intuitive centre and focused mind.

Why we love Andrew: For his undeniable raw talent, presence and passion for dance. His cheeky smile. His ability to gently and compassionately translate movement and emotions, and his intuition to work through what’s really going on for you, using dance, movement and language.

Location: West London & Online

Services: Individual and group Metaphysical Dance experiences, Al Fresco Community events, yoga, and intuitive coaching, Walk In-Dance Out.

How To Book: Visit Dance Savoir Faire or email

To listen to Andrew on our Soulhubbers Podcast:

Episode 2: Who is Andrew Cuerden?

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