Mindful, open-hearted walks to nourish your soul


Walking has many physical and emotional benefits. In 2019, we launched Soulwalks, an opportunity for individuals and communities to come together and walk slowly, with no prescribed destination, with an encouragement to gently connect with each other and simply be together.

The concept is about connecting. With yourself, with others, with the nature around you. So yes, you can Soulwalk on your own. The premise, is that you’re mindful throughout your walk. You’re conscious of walking, being outside, being connected to nature and what’s going on in your body too.

We simply love the idea that anyone can do it. It’s free. And it’s amazing for our mind, body and spirit.


We held our first Soulwalk in October 2019 in Richmond Park. Think parkrun for walkers. An opportunity for the local community to come together and just be. We wanted the walk to be natural, with no competition. It’s not about how fast you walk. It’s not about how far you go.

Following our first Soulwalk, 7 other walks soon took place across London, in major parks, and Bristol.

We soon remembered, that we all crave connection. That a simple initiative can bring joy to many. To meet new people. It gives an excuse to bring friends and creates time to talk to them. It allows you to slow down. It allows you to be quiet. It’s simple. It’s understated.

Soulwalk™ aims are to facilitate:

  • Better understand and compassion of ourselves and each other
  • Improved mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • Deeper connection, appreciation and conservation of our natural world

It is imperative that anyone wishing to partake in a Soulwalk™ resonates, agrees and follows the fundamental principles and values below:

Soulwalk™ values:

  • Inclusive – Everyone is WELCOME
  • Strictly FREE to attend
  • Act local, think global
  • Be honest and speak only from personal experience
  • Be kind and compassionate to self and others
  • Empower others
  • No Soulwalker is left behind
  • Be YOU and be PRESENT

In 2020, Carmen embarked on a Soulwalk around the coast of the British Isles before the pandemic hit. She’s since returned to London, and is hosting short Soulwalks in Richmond Park.

In every walk with nature one received far more than he seeks.

Conservationist and environmentalist John Muir.

Want to get involved?

We’re continually creating Soulwalks for groups, communities and businesses. If you’d like to join a community Soulwalk, or organise one then find out more here or email Carmen.

These are just some of the ways your can get involved:

  • Come join us for our next Soulwalk, Bring your friends, school, families, businesses.
  • Organise your own Soulwalk. 
  • Join our Soulwalk Facebook Group and join other Soulwalkers around the world.
  • Pledge to support what we’re doing via the ‘Soulwalker Pledge’ – this goes towards ‘walk and talk’ therapy sessions with Carmen as she creates Soulwalks around the British Isles, and towards soulwalks so we can keep them free for all.
  • Share news and images from your own daily Soulwalks and follow us #soulwalk @soul_hub @soul_walk

Soulwalker Pledge/Sessions (Around the UK)

If you’d like to receive some talking therapy or want to pay forward and make a Soulwalker Pledge for someone you know or even a stranger, you can do that. Gift someone their first ‘walk and talk’ or a phone call/Skype with Carmen. Often it’s the first conversation with a therapist, which unravels much emotion and leads to an understanding that more support should be sought.

To pledge, visit the Soulwalker Pledge page.

For Charity

We’ll be raising money for mental health. Firstly for ASCA (Addiction Support and Care Agency) where Carmen worked for 3 years and feels passionate about addiction in our society and working with this group. For grow, a local wellbeing charity in Sussex who encourage community groups to explore nature, and for ‘Trees with Beauty’, planting trees in Scotland to offset our consumption.

The Soulwalker Podcast

Carmen shares stories from friends and strangers with the nation via The Soulwalker Podcast. Stories to unveil how we are all feeling in thee times of uncertainty. The state of our nation. How does this vary from West Whittering, to the Shetland Islands, to St David’s. From fishermen and pub landlords to business owners, grandmothers to school leavers. What’s really going on.

In general, we like to start at 11am and walk for approx. 3kms (more or less). Walk at whatever pace you want to. We start you off, and you can crawl along, or stride out. Talk to friends. Not talk. However you’re feeling. It’s okay with us.

“I count myself lucky to have discovered Carmen and Andrew’s Soulwalk, and the bonding with nature, trees and deep breathing that happens when you do a soulwalk. I have met ‘by chance’ some amazing people, and it’s been a breath of fresh air to arrive with no expectations (and I must admit a bit of OMG what people will I meet this week) to discover that on each walk I have been fortunate enough to have had some fantastic conversations and have embraced the unexpected, and the unexpected is what I seem to get each time !!!!! I remain a dedicated follower…”

Sophie Martinez
Soulwalk Richmond, 2020

”A great walk with Soulwalk in Hyde Park. Perfect way to spend a Sunday morning. We all met at the meeting point, gathered and started our walk. During our time together we discovered parts of the park we had not seen before, which led to new conversations as the scenery led to new open thoughts and fresh perspectives. Soulwalks are such a great idea as it gives you time out of your day to day life to express hopes and dreams and realities, and therefore wellbeing in nature. I felt up lifted and looking forward to the rest of the day and week. Can’t wait to join the next walk.”

Jason Moore
Soulwalk Hyde Park, 2019

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